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S2 E1 Antelope Hunting with the Gunwerks Crew

Long shots with some new equipment and new faces at Gunwerks. Kregg Thomasson, Janet Davidson, and Erin Kreider all make great shots at Wyoming Pronghorn, but Mike shows them all how to shoot with a 715 yard shot that is truly unbelievable--with a muzzle loader! Make sure to subscribe to the Gunwerks Youtube channel for more great long shots, tough shots, shooting tips, DIY & Ballistics. Music By Caminos Del Sonido - Descuartizado en la banera - licensed under CC BY 2.0 Caminos Del Sonido - Empalados en el comedor - licensed under CC BY 2.0 Trouble - 006318 - Royalty Free License Lost Friend - 011660 - Royalty Free license Showdown - 007688 - Royalty Free License The Emotional Revolution - 003037 - Royalty Free License Sweet Sunday - 008876 - Royalty Free License Boats but not the Ocean - Swept Away - licensed under CC BY 2.0

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