Train to Hunt
Is it just another training experience?
7 November, 2023 by
Train to Hunt
Aaron Davidson

Our purpose-built Long Range University training program rolled out in 2007, with a laser-like focus on technique and tools specific to the needs of busy professionals that want to be successful on their next hunting adventure.  We used really smart science to cut out all of the BS and make it very easy to learn to shoot long range, with confidence to be successful. The best thing to build confidence in our students is to train them on a real hunt!

Our curriculum and products have inspired hundreds of competitors to move away from outdated Military and Law Enforcement concepts and  to embrace modern technology.  It's exciting to see how the industry and the consumer has changed over the years! The multi-tiered, progressive structure that LRU pioneered years ago has been imitated by many who, while proving the concept, lack in truly effective knowledge sharing. Our L1 Foundation, L2 Development, and L3 Application tiers are instructed by professionals that are as eager to see students' success as they are their own. 

Following our passion,  we continually refine and improve our systems for cementing the core knowledge and skills needed for your next hunting adventure.  

I believe the capstone of a great long range hunting training is a HUNT!  It's a real situation where a miss has real consequences.  Believe me, the trigger squeeze on a $25,000 dall sheep hunt after two weeks of hiking can send the best of us into zombie mode.  Your training can drive a positive outcome.

I really like some of the L4 hunting opportunities we’ve put together.  These hunts generally have a little lower pressure like Antelope or Aoudad.  Even the cow elk hunt is a real opportunity for skills development.  

Hands down, our hosted trip to the east cape of South Africa presents dozens of shot opportunities in terrain and conditions that exactly mimic our western desert hunting.  In a decade of trips, I can assure you that my best shots and the biggest advances in my personal skill set have come from Africa. Repetition is the key to advancing your wind calls, reading animal behaviors, and the most often overlooked equipment management under stress.  Having 10 to 20 opportunities to go through the shot execution process over the course of the hunt brings weaknesses to the forefront and provides an opportunity to rectify and cement proper behavior.

We’ve offered the Gunwerks East Cape Experience for over a decade!  This experience simplifies the travel and gun permitting, and our destination is the premier safari operator in South Africa.  My favorite part of this trip is the Karoo Desert.  Hunting there is exactly like hunting most of our arid western deserts in the US.  Lots of travel, lots of glassing, and long shots are the norm.  While the food, accommodations, trophies etc are better than you can find anywhere, the sleeper value is the experience of the professional hunting staff at situating you for long range shooting success.  They are very experienced, which translates to an excellent learning experience for the hunter.

If I reflect over the years, many of the true nuggets of knowledge we’ve incorporated into our program have come from the extensive time I’ve spent in the field on hunts across the globe.  I stopped counting at 500!  When I teach the class portions, one of my favorite ways to illustrate a concept is to describe a time where I had to learn it the hard way!  Every single aspect of our equipment and training systems is exquisitely engineered to provide an edge over all competitive opportunities.  

If the perfect shot is your ever present challenge, the Gunwerks LRU curriculum should be a part of your investment for personal skill development and knowledge growth.