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By Gunwerks on August 20, 2019

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Dustin, Landon and Garrett address a variety of long range hunting related questions we've gathered from listeners. From cartridge and bullet selection, to rifle setup and ballistics, listen in for the answers to questions many of our listeners have had!

  • What separates Gunwerks from other manufacturers?
  • Best caliber for women hunting western big game?
  • One cartridge for all game? 28 Nosler? 300 PRC?
  • Do you offer military discounts?
  • 28 Nosler vs 300 PRC?
  • 6.5 PRC vs 7mm Rem Mag - worth it to change?
  • Do you offer left handed actions?
  • 300 PRC vs 300 Norma?
  • Do you build rifles chambered in .223?
  • What's a proper scope magnification for a long range beginner?
  • What's the usual lead time on a rifle order?
  • 7mm Rem Mag vs 7mm LRM vs 28 Nosler vs 30 Nosler?
  • Advice on long range scopes by price bracket? How about FFP vs SFP Scopes?
  • Building a rifle light weight and long range capable?
  • ELDM or ELDX for hunting?
  • What's up with the 7mm SAUM?
  • Best glass? Nightforce vs Leupold vs Kahles vs Revic?
  • Do you ship to Africa?


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