The Complete Long Range Hunting System
30 March, 2023 by
The Complete Long Range Hunting System
Gunwerks LLC, Aaron Davidson

The term “long range system” is overused in our industry. Since Gunwerks’ founding in 2006, we’ve led the entire industry in developing and supplying shooting systems for hunters. Our specialty is helping our customers break through their shooting paradigms and exponentially increase their long range abilities.

"Defining The True "Rifle System"

The most important thing is to realize that a nice rifle with a scope mounted on it is not a system. All of the custom gun builders out there that try to emulate Gunwerks and sell a “system” fall short of understanding the true nature of the customer-rifle relationship.

A shooting system, and more accurately, a long range shooting system, is the entire ecosystem of products used to execute a long range shot, and the respective, intentional design of those products to work together and work for the user.

The mistake every company makes as they try to copy or emulate the Gunwerks formula is that they are just assembling a handful of disparate components from various manufacturers and bolting on a scope and maybe developing a load - this approach falls drastically short. Let me convey a few reasons why.

Where Most “Systems” Fall Short

The three key categories that make or break the effectiveness of a “system” are the human machine interface, the ballistic compensation, and the support peripherals. I could spend a day lecturing on the human machine interface, but I’ll try to keep this short.

Creators vs Assemblers
The precision that your system is capable of is derived mostly by how well the product is manufactured. Small shops can do a great job of chambering, but they have no control over the action or barrel manufacturing. They make up for part inconsistency by bedding rifle stocks to receivers. In contrast, when you’re able to design and manufacture the entire component list (as Gunwerks does), everything fits and functions right the first time, without the need for plastic bedding.

Stock Geometry & Design
The stock design, muzzle device, barrel/chamber, etc. drive a significant portion of the shooting experience. Gunwerks has invested massive resources into engineering rifle stock geometry from the ground up for optimal performance in handling, target acquisition and recoil management. Every year we find more and more stock manufacturers copying features from Gunwerks rifle stock design. They may not know why it’s good, but they copy anyways to try to compete.

Matched Ammunition
Ammunition is a MAJOR differentiator for Gunwerks. Other rifle builders may develop a load for a gun, but we are able to manufacture our rifles so well that rifles and ammuntion are interchangeable. And we control lot to lot ammunition performance to keep it consistent. This means you can get ammo in the future that still matches your rifle.


The rifle scope/reticle and turret systems are a huge part of success. I look at some of these guys doing long range rifles for customers, and they mount a second focal plane scope. It's 100% a dead giveaway that they are robbing their customer of success. The customer will eventually hold his wind wrong and fail. A first focal plane scope is mandatory.


The same goes for the Ballistic Turret. If the builder thinks the customer will have the best success dialing an MOA or Mrad number on a standard scope turret, he is demonstrating his lack of understanding and experience. A long range hunting system will ALWAYS feature a Ballistic Turret calibrated in yards or meters. When your builder tells you that MOA is just as good, you can be assured that he just doesn’t have enough experience.


Ballistic Rangefinder
The required corresponding accessory is a rangefinder that calculates the Shoot To range, correcting for environmental conditions and the incline and compass direction. The output should be simply “Yards’’. If your builder tries to sell you multiple Ballistic Turrets, that’s not going to cut it. Wind, inclination, Eötvös effect, etc. need to be corrected for when shooting long range. The Revic BR4 Ballistic Rangefinder fills this role perfectly.


Correcting For Wind
The wind correction methodology is the final challenge of long range hunting. Gunwerks systems require minimal guesswork and math to achieve nearly superhuman results. If your “system” builder is feeding you all sorts of formulas and rules of thumb, run away. These improvised methods work at the range, but fall flat on their face in the heat of the moment when you need to pull off a shot.


A quality tool is still just a tool in the wrong hands. The proper skill and training combined with quality tools are what produce proficient long range hunters. Many groups advertise they’ll teach you how to shoot long range. Gunwerks’ approach is different. Gunwerks Long Range University provides superior equipment, teaches the science, practices in real-world situations and does it in a progressive manner to not just walk you in to steel at 1000 yards, but leaves you with the tools and the knowledge to be confident pulling off your one shot of a lifetime.


Gunwerks has been around long enough to see many rifle assemblers come and go. Be sure your rifle system provider is trustworthy, proven and will be around next year to answer questions or service your rifle system as needed. 


Additional Tools
Various other key elements are important to make a long range hunting system function properly. Laser ranging, wind meters, rear bags, bipods and tripods all play a part in contributing to the success of a long range system and its shooter. Gunwerks is a company capable of thoughtful consideration and design of each and EVERY aspect of your shooting ecosystem.

A True Long Range Hunting Rifle System

Gunwerks is the undisputed leader in guiding hunters to long range hunting excellence. Since its founding, Gunwerks’ singular focus has been engineering and building the finest quality, complete long range hunting systems and all the elements that come together to make hunters successful in the field. When considering your next long range hunting rifle system be sure you’re getting a complete system with precisely engineered & manfuactured rifle, matched ammunition, quality optic and BDC yardage turret, shoot-to-range capable ballistic rangefinder, effective wind correction tools, as well as the proper training & support. 

Shoot straight!

Aaron Davidson