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Come Join the Team!

Gunwerks has been growing. In fact we are splitting at the seams! We have a really great team of people that are the foundation for building our brand by creating and building the best long range shooting system products in the industry.

We are currently hiring on various fronts and always looking for top-notch individuals to add to our team. If you have experience in any of the following areas and a passion for long range, we want to see your resume! send a resume and cover letter to

Graphic Design
Video Production
CNC Machining
CNC Programming
Composite Manufacturing

Chambering Technician/CNC Lathe Operator

Gunwerks is hiring a full time rifle chambering technician/CNC lathe operator. This job function serves the main purpose of machining some of the critical components that make up the Gunwerks shooting system, namely threading and chambering rifle barrels. Customer satisfaction and quality is our primary objective. This position requires attention to detail. Our processes and workstations are open to the public, and we require neatness, cleanliness, and organization in work areas. Gunwerks offers health insurance, paid time off, and 401K contribution. Compensation will depend on interview and experience.

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Digital Video Producer

Gunwerks is searching for a skilled "Shreditor" (Producer/Shooter/Editor) who is both passionate and capable when it comes to video production. Under the direction of the team leader the preferred candidate will shoot and edit engaging video segments for the Gunwerks Youtube Channel and other social media and digital outlets. Additionally, this individual may be required to assist on larger projects such as episodic television for Long Range Pursuit.

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Machinist / Programmer

Gunwerks is looking for a machinist/programmer to help us grow the department and better serve our customers. New product innovation is a pillar of our business. We pride ourselves in delivering cutting-edge products. This machinist/programmer will be an integral part of bringing new products from concept to physical parts and developing better ways to create Gunwerks products.

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