Podcast: EP 3 - Hunting With Suppressors
11 May, 2018 by
Podcast: EP 3 - Hunting With Suppressors
Gunwerks LLC, Landon Michaels

Landon Michaels, James, Christiansen and Rex Ribelin discuss suppressors and the benefits of shooting, and particularly hunting suppressed. They dive into arguments for and against silencer use, the tax stamp process, and suppressor designs, technology, features and options.

  • What is a suppressor or silencer and how does it work?

  • The merits and benefits for hunting with a suppressor (along with a few of the drawbacks)

  • Suppressor regulation, the HPA (Hearing Protection Act), Suppressors in other countries and will de-regulation ever happen?

  • The Tax Stamp process, trusts, and how to go about it

  • Suppressor design, technology, design and features

  • How to select the right suppressor for your needs

  • The best advice for someone considering getting a suppressor. JUST DO IT!