Podcast: EP 2 - Advance Training for Long Range
24 April, 2018 by
Podcast: EP 2 - Advance Training for Long Range
Gunwerks LLC, Landon Michaels

On this episode, host Landon Michaels is joined once again by Gunwerks CEO Aaron Davidson to discuss advanced training for long range shooting with Caylen Wojcik. 

Caylen is the Director of Training & Business Development at Gunwerks and served 8 years as a United States Marine Scout Sniper, amassing 80 weeks of formal sniper skills training courses. During his time in the scout sniper community, Caylen served in almost every billet available, as well as serving as a sniper instructor on both basic and advanced levels. He has trained snipers in all branches of the armed forces, as well as dozens of law enforcement agencies. He completed 3 overseas deployments, one of which was a combat deployment where he sustained injuries that led to the end of his military service.