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Why Gunwerks

a superior shooting system, better quality, and unmatched service



For the past 10 Years, Gunwerks has established its reputation by building and delivering complete shooting systems. From the bipod to the ballistic turret and everything in between, the Gunwerks shooting system comes ready to go. While other manufacturers were letting customers mount their own scopes and test their own loads, Gunwerks was delivering a shooting system capable of shooting accurately to 1000 yards, right out of the box.

Taking the responsibility for a dialed in system is not an easy task. In fact, we spend more time turning a rifle into a shooting system than building the rifle! Our motto is "1000 Yards, Out of the Box!"


  • Ballistic Turret. This customized feature offers fast ballistic correction for hunting and competitive applications. It’s the last component to be installed on the rifle system. While it has advantages, it is also limited by a single air density and it doesn’t correct for incline shots.
  • Scope. This is a major component of a long range shooting system. Absolutely no point of impact shift is allowable, and the adjustment tracking has to be perfect. These features separate the best products from a large field of good ones. We use only the best.
  • Mounting. To achieve the performance long range shooters require, a solid and strong scope mounting system is required. The best scope in the world is limited by the potential movement of the mounting system. We pin bases to action to prevent errant movement.
  • Rifle. This is the platform. Everything else is an accessory. Long range shooting is demanding and the tools you choose will define your success. It has to be precise. Consistency is the most valuable attribute. A stable platform and trackable recoil enhance performance.
  • Rest. A stable two point rest offering free recoil rifle movement is the secret to connecting the rifle's potential to the shooter’s ability. We use a bipod and rear bag to get a steady platform. It’s lightweight, portable, and has a quick release mount for a picatinny rail.
  • Ammunition. Most guys are looking for tight groups at 100 yards. Precision at long range requires more. Temperature stable powders and better bullets with high ballistic coefficients get on target better. The right bullet construction guarantees terminal performance.
  • Ballistic Ranging. To get first shot hits at long range, you have to know your distance. The only way to accurately measure it is with a laser rangefinder. With the distance measured, you can calculate a ballistic solution for elevation and windage that corrects for air density and inclination.




If you are purchasing a rifle, you have three options: Mass produced/low cost, semi-custom which are usually assembled from factory and aftermarket components, or a full custom product manufactured to a unique design.  

The first two options are usually defined by cost (not to be confused with price). For the money, mass produced rifles offer a lot of function for the dollar, but to achieve low cost, the the factories have to cut corners on design and materials. A semi-custom offers the advantage of a customized configuration of components, however, matching components from different suppliers yields few controls on quality.  

The sweet spot for achieving a high quality system is in the full custom product. Cost is not limited and each part is manufactured to and engineered to exact specifications. Fitting the parts together creates a better product because the entire system was designed at once. And the quality of the finished product is built into the system at every step of the manufacturing process. This is what you get in a Gunwerks system.

  • Design. Not just drawing parts. Creating an elegant solution to a problem--ergonomic, functional, manufacturable, and awesome!
  • Engineering. The creative application of science to design. Documenting parts with sound design and use of materials. Specifying tolerances to achieve quality.
  • Manufacturing. Turning raw materials and engineering prints into perfect parts. Achieving part quality through process and inspection. Driving cost down through efficiency.



Customer service is a strategic goal and a tactical challenge. There is a sweet spot between a small shop and a big corporation. We are small enough to care, but big enough we can afford to support our customer completely. We have a full staff with dozens of people and combined lifetimes of experience hunting, shooting, competing, even serving our country. We stand by our products and our customers for a lifetime. That means we have people reachable by phone and email, and dedicated resources to service and return your Gunwerks products. We don’t just talk about serving customers, we do it.


Before The Sale

  • Direct Selling Model.Our direct-to-consumer business model avoids the traditional dealer markup so you get more value for your dollar spent. Working directly with our customers helps us develop products that fit your specific needs.  
  • We Hunt the World, We’ve Served, We Compete. When it comes to experience, we have it. We’ve been in the same situations that our customers are planning to experience. We use our products, and we know exactly what works and fits the situation.
  • Completely Custom. Use our builder to configure one of many thousand different configurations of a Gunwerks Shooting System. Let us train and educate you about maximizing your performance and customizing your fit, then build it exactly the way you want it!

After The Sale

  • Our Team. We have more than 30 employees, with five locations in three states. Engineers, Chemists, CPA, Lawyers, MBAs, Snipers, Machinists and Shooters. We can answer your questions, solve your problems, and train you to become a better shooter.
  • Our Guarantee. We guarantee your satisfaction with the purchase of our products. If the there is a problem we fix it--no questions. If you need assistance getting comfortable with the system operation, you get it. Our best advocate is a customer shooting four inch groups at 1000 yards!
  • Our Training. No other rifle company offers the same level of product training. Our YouTube channel offers hundreds of videos. Our TV show and Print Magazine are filled with technical shooting content.  And we offer the only multi stage long range hunting and training curriculum available.
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