Nexus Rifle System

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Action Hand: Right Hand


The NEXUS rifle system from the engineering minds at Gunwerks is the next step in the evolution of the Long Range Rifle System. We've shed the limitations put in place by the Rem700 platform. The result yields both luxury and technology in a future-proof platform with a world of possibilities.

The result of over 2 years of research and development and massive investment in manufacturing infrastructure & technology, the NEXUS is the first fully vertically integrated rifle system coming out of Gunwerks' state of the art facility in Cody, WY.

Key Features:

  • User changeable barrel

  • Improved vertical grip

  • New NEXUS Stock Design

  • New NXT Action Design

  • New Magazine & Bottom Metal

  • Full Length ARCA + Picatinny bipod mount


  • Caliber Options: 6.5 PRC, 7 PRC, 300 PRC (More to Come)

  • Barrel: 20" or 24" Stainless Steel, Carbon Wrapped w/ Directional Brake 

  • Overall Length: 40 3/4” (20" barrel @ 13.5 LOP)

  • Weight: 7lbs 2oz (w/ 20" barrel), 7lbs 10oz (w/ 24" barrel)

  • Action Material: 7075 Aluminum with Type 3 Hard Anodize


Our most advanced and feature-rich rifle system yet. The NEXUS is the future of long range. With a combination of luxury and high performance features, the NEXUS is ready for any hunt on the planet.


  1. a connection or series of connections linking two or more things.
    "the nexus linking past to future"
    • a connected group or series.
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    • the central and most important point or place.
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Our patent-pending design allows a user to remove the stock and barrel with just a T25 wrench and assemble it again with a new barrel and cartridge – all in minutes, without any concerns for part fitment or headspace safety. We control the fit of our proprietary changeable bolt head and barrel extension with precision CNC machining to allow you the simplest installation possible.


    Truly future proof! With the design goal of a barrel system that’s easy to replace and upgrade, while cutting the overall action weight down to titanium territory, the new NXT action is machined from a solid billet of aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and finished with a type III hard anodizing for extreme conditions use. The NXT also features a billet aluminum double stack magazine box that can be loaded from the top, and a firing pin blocking, three position safety.

    We rounded out the NXT action with additional features like a 65 degree bolt lift, integrated 20 MOA rail, and toolless serviceable firing pin & bolt head.


    Building on the success and exceptional ergonomics of our ClymR and Magnus stocks, we designed the NEXUS stock with a more vertical grip and enhanced thumb shelf. The result is a perfect fit for almost any hand.


    In addition to the new grip, thumb shelf and leather paneling, we maintained the same shallow toeline of the Magnus for excellent interface with a rear bag. The new NEXUS bottom metal interfaces with the stock as a full length ARCA + picatinny bipod rail with built in trigger guard and accepts Gunwerks' new flush mount, detachable, double stack magazine. The Straight Carbon matte finish showcases the exceptional quality hand layup structure of the stock. 


    We integrated a full length ARCA rail into the bottom metal design of the NEXUS stock, plus a picatinny bipod mount and flush QD sling mounts.


    The billet aluminum, 3 round double stack magazine fits flush in the bottom metal with zero rattle and can be loaded from the top. Magazine length limitations are a constant battle in the REM700 platform. We were able to get away from this with the NEXUS design. Plenty of headroom to seat bullets out to the lands and shoulder support in the magazine to eliminate bullet tips from mashing due to recoil.


    We set out to improve the skin to rifle contact on the NEXUS. Eventually, one option stood out from the rest. Nothing compares to the feel and function of luxurious, chrome tanned leather. The hand stitched leather paneling stands up well to weather and is factory serviceable should it ever need replaced. Your NEXUS leather will wear and patina with use, telling the story of your adventures and exploits as you pass this heirloom on to your posterity.

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