Magnus MZ5 Rifle System

    • Cartridge
    • Metal Finish Launch Edition (only compatible with launch edition stock/finish)
    • Stock Finish Launch Edition (only compatible with launch edition stock/finish)
    • Length of Pull
    • Rifle Scope
    • EXO Sight Package
    • Scope Rings
    • Longrange Package
    • Elevation
    • Temperature
    • Action Hand
    • Delivery

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The MZ5 was purpose built for success in the mountains. Designed as a practical and dependable option for anyone that takes advantage of muzzleloader tag opportunities. The MZ5 is elementally reliable, with accessible performance that surpasses the price tag.   


The Magnus stock is the perfect combination of weight, accuracy, and strength. Featuring rigid construction, precision inletting, and aluminum pillars, our Magnus stock brings comfort and durability to the field. 


Every MZ5 is tested for accuracy at our facility. With the addition of a long range package, velocity and BC are tested, recorded, verified, and then translated to any of our BDC turrets. Customers will receive the ballistic data with their MZ5 ready to make impacts at distances rifle hunters will be jealous of. 


A breakthrough in open sight technology, the Revic EXO Sight is a true long range, turreted open sight. The adjustable turret on the rear, picatinny mounted peep sight raises and lowers much like the turret on a high end rifle scope, giving accurate and repeatable dial-up for bullet drop compensation. The turret also comes standard with MOA markings, but can be laser etched with custom BDC yardage marks for even simpler application.

The EXO sight gives long-range performance while meeting primitive weapon regulations in states such as Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. 


Directional Brake


Aluminum Pillars


Extra Load Compartment

Stainless GLR Action

Primed Cases - Easy Loading/Extraction


Aero Tip High B.C. Muzzleloader Bullets