Revic Complete Spotting Scope and Tripod Kit

This product is no longer available.

The Revic Acura Spotting Scope was designed for the long range shooter. Featuring a 22X fixed power reticle eyepiece, the Acura spotting scope excels in shooter/spotter scenarios, enabling the operator to spot impacts and give accurate calls and corrections to the shooter. The wide angle, fixed power eyepiece offers an incredible eyebox and clear view for catching bullet trace and quick target acquisition.

With the included variable 27-55 power eyepiece, extra low dispersion glass and superior coatings the Acura Spotting Scope provide a crisp, sharp, distortion free view of your chosen target. The lightweight composite and aluminum body overmolded with rubber body armor and the included neoprene cover ensures the rugged durability you need. When you need to call the shot, the answer is clear - The Revic Acura Spotter, by Gunwerks.


  • Fixed magnification 22X reticle eyepiece

  • Included variable magnification 27-55X eyepiece

  • Included carry/travel case

  • Neoprene scope cover

  • Eyepiece cap covers

  • Integrated sunshade

  • Windage and elevation correction reticle

  • Spotting grid

  • MOA ranging scale

  • MIL ranging scale

  • 80mm objective

  • Extra low dispersion glass

  • Enhanced multi layered anti-reflection coating

  • Anti-fog coating

  • Anti-scratch coating

  • Phase correction coating

What's Included:

  • Revic 80mm objective spotting scope body

  • 27-55x variable zoom eyepiece

  • 22x fixed power reticle eyepiece

  • Revic Stabilizer Series Hunter Tripod

  • Custom waterproof hard case with custom foam



Spotting Scope Overview

The new Revic Spotting Scope has you covered at the range. Two interchangeable eyepieces provide twice the utility. while a fixed 22x eyepiece reticle is perfect for calling hits and giving adjustment feedback with its multiple reticles. In addition, a 27-55x standard zoom eyepiece provides a wide power range viewing option.


Using the Reticle

The Revic S80A Spotting Scope comes with 2 eyepieces, a standard variable zoom eyepiece and a fixed magnification reticle eyepiece with both MOA And MIL reticle scales. Ian Miner from the Gunwerks training team give us the run down on putting the reticle eyepiece to use on the range and in the field. 



Digiscoping is becoming a very popular and useful application for spotting scopes, from documenting hunts and kill shots to spotting impacts when shooting solo at the range and much more! Ian Miner from the Gunwerks Training Team gives us a few tips for digiscoping with the Revic spotting scope.

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