Rock Springs Ranch L1/L2 Foundation / Advanced Ballistics and Wind Class

Registration for Template 2025 Rock Springs Ranch L1/L2 Foundation / Advanced Ballistics and Wind Class
3,995.00 3995.0 USD
3 Day Rock Springs Ranch, CA
L1/L2 Rifle Equipment Rental and Supplies
L1/L2 Basic and Advanced LR Ballistics
Registration for Template 2025 Rock Springs Ranch L1/L2 Foundation / Advanced Ballistics and Wind Class
1,425.00 1425.0 USD
3 Day Rock Springs Ranch, CA
L1/L2 Non Shooting Observer Rate
Date & Time
Sunday , March 16, 2025
Start - 8:00 AM
Tuesday , March 18, 2025
End - 5:00 PM
Frontera Hunting, Training Facility
11000 Old Hernandez Rd
Paicines, CA 95043
United States
--Frontera Hunting, Training Facility--
Event Contact
Gunwerks LLC

Experience Overview

The L1 and L2 courses normally take four days to complete. Our combined L1 / L2 Foundation / Advanced Ballistics and Wind Class extends the length of the training day and delivers four days of content in just three days. This is an intense schedule with long days, but it is efficient on the total duration, which allows you to get back to your work or vacation. This event is a complete package which includes all meals and lodging provided by Frontera Hunting at the Rock Springs Ranch in Central California.

If you would like to add a couple days of hog hunting after the class contact Frontera Hunting. You will need your personal rifle or make arrangements to borrow a rifle from Frontera Hunting. Unfortunately the Gunwerks rifle you rent for the class will not be available to utilize after the class.

Frontera Hunting

The L1 Long Range Ballistics class has been further refined for 2023, but draws heritage to the original Long Range Hunting class curriculum we introduced in 2007.

  • You will learn how to select the components necessary to create a reliable long range shooting system which includes the rifle, scope, ammunition, and ballistic program.

  • You will build a solid foundation in the skills necessary to shoot accurately at long range.

  • You will learn how to true and utilize a ballistic program to get first round hits at varying distances, and learn about all the shooter and environmental factors that impact your lethal hit probability and decision making.

Our L2 Advanced Ballistics and Wind class was refined in 2022 but draws heritage to the original Long Range Hunting class curriculum we introduced in 2007.

  • You will learn how to compensate for the effect of wind. How to determine its speed and direction, using a wind meter, mirage and/or environmental clues, then make the appropriate compensation.

  • You will learn about all the advanced external ballistic factors which affect your lethal hit probability including air density, shot inclination, spin drift, aerodynamic jump, Coriolis effect, and Eotvos effect.

  • You will learn how to utilize a “smart” laser rangefinder to get a precise range and a shooting solution which accounts for all the advanced external ballistic factors and wind effects.

The rifle and equipment fee is automatically included in the registration. Please do not bring your personal rifle for this course, we've got it covered! There are no prerequisites to attending this course. Complete beginners to lifelong shooters and everyone in between will build a solid foundation in long-range shooting and ballistics during the three days of this course.

Long Range University Overview


Long Range University exists for the specific purpose of helping you make quick ethical one shot kills in the field. The core of our content is contained in our L1, L2, and L3 classes which utilize a building block approach to provide education and training in every factor which impacts your lethal hit probability. Interwoven throughout all three classes is a training strategy which will improve your ability to function under pressure and significantly extend the range and conditions under which you can take an ethical shot. At Long Range University you will learn to recognize when the conditions are not suitable to ensure a lethal hit. 

You will use our Gunwerks Shooting systems during the L1 and L2 classes, however what you learn will apply to any long range shooting system. Using a Gunwerks rifle system and ammunition for this course facilitates and accelerates the learning process. This allows you to focus on the core class content and leave equipment concerns to the instructor. Put wear and tear on our rifle not yours.

In our L3 class we encourage you to bring your personal rifle regardless of manufacturer. This is where you really learn the capability and limits of your “system” which includes you and your marksmanship ability, your rifles capability, your ballistic program, and your ability to compensate for wind and other environmental conditions, all in a realistic mountain hunting environment.

Our Classes

  • L1 Long Range Ballistics

  • L2 Advanced Ballistics and Wind

  • L3 Mountain Shooting Application

Our L1, L2, and L3 classes must be taken in sequential order and provide a comprehensive learning experience. We also offer “Clinics'' which are a deep dive into a specific topic or weapon system. There are no prerequisite classes to attend any of our Clinics.

Our Standalone Clinics

  • Shooting System Readiness

  • Long Range Muzzleloader

  • Field Marksmanship

Our Hunting Experiences

The ultimate in training is live field application. For the next step in your journey to proficiency, we offer several different training / hunting experiences with Gunwerks vetted outfitters in different environments. From Barbary Sheep in the mountains of West Texas, to beginner friendly Antelope in New Mexico, to freezer filling Cow Elk in Oregon, all provide a fantastic experience and help you achieve the next level of capability in the field. 


Day 0

  • Note - Check in mid to late afternoon the day before before your event. Dinner will be served.

Day 1

  • Components of the Long Range Rifle System
  • Bench shooting fundamentals, Shooter spotter communication, Holding for wind
  • Building profile in the Revic Ballistic App
  • Range - Zeroing and Bench shooting exercises
  • Ballistic app truing exercise, and trajectory validation out to 1000 yards, wrap up approximately 5:00 PM

Day 2

  • Internal ballistics, bore cleaning and Cold bore shot theory
  • External ballistics, Intro to BDC turrets, Wind Calculations and Prone shooting fundamentals
  • Cold bore shot exercise, prone shooting exercises
  • Wind Compensation and use of BDC turrets exercise
  • Range - Practical shooting exercise, wrap up approximately 5:00 PM

Day 3

  • Terminal Ballistics
  • Range - Long Range Cold bore shot exercise, Wind compensation exercise
  • Laser rangefinder functions
  • Range - Practical shooting exercise
  • Debrief, Depart Ranch approximately 4 pm

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