L201 Advanced LR Ballistics

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Date & Time
Wednesday , August 10, 2022
Start - 9:00 AM
Thursday , August 11, 2022
End - 4:00 PM
Gunwerks LLC, Training Headquarters
899 Ln 37
Burlington, WY 82411
United States
--Gunwerks LLC, Training Headquarters--
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Gunwerks LLC

Experience Overview

The L201 Advanced LR Ballistics course is newly revamped for 2022, but draws heritage to the original Long Range Hunting class curriculum we introduced in 2007. With today's sophisticated equipment and enlightened shooter, our content is continually improving and diving deeper and deeper into the details our clients require to enhance their journey to long-range shooting excellence. The main focus of the L201 Advanced LR Ballistics course curriculum is to teach our clients the core knowledge and techniques to make the shot in field conditions. This course focuses particularly on the range and wind measurements, advanced external ballistics corrections, and the equipment and techniques required. Students will be introduced to terminal ballistics and cartridge/bullet selection theory. This course is designed to apply to any and all shooting equipment, not just the specialized Gunwerks systems that are exclusively used during shooting exercises. All shooting equipment is provided by Gunwerks. Using Gunwerks rifle systems and ammunition for this course facilitates and accelerates the learning process. This allows the student to focus on the core class content and leave equipment concerns to the instructor. There is a "Rifle and Equipment Rental” fee which is included as part of the registration process. Please do not bring your personal rifle for this course, we've got it covered! Check out the L103 Equipment Readiness course if you are wanting to qualify your rifle. L101 Ballistic Foundation is strongly recommended to be taken before or alongside this course. Ballistic Foundation sets the stage for advanced wind and techniques taught during this course, most shooters will find themselves overwhelmed without building this foundation ahead of time.

LRU Training Tracks Overview

Long Range University
Our course curriculum is always evolving! Over the past couple of years, we have developed a new organization of training content, facilitating a more focused and progressive learning experience. Now our courses are organized into two parallel tracks, Ballistic Science and Marksmanship Skills, culminating in our Advanced training courses.

Ballistic Science

The core Long Range University curriculum is contained in our Ballistic Science track. We place a heavy emphasis on the science of long-range shooting. Generally, you will spend time in the classroom introducing concepts, followed by range demonstration and exercise to solidify complex topics.

Marksmanship Skills

The second track is our Marksmanship Skills track where we place a heavy focus on developing shooting skills. Light on the classroom, these courses spend most of the time teaching practical applications on the range.

Advanced Training

When you are ready to test your skills, we offer several advanced courses to challenge you and your equipment in calculated conditions to refine your experience and capabilities.  From mountain shooting venues to pronghorn hunting in New Mexico to a precision rifle competition, we can offer you the opportunity to achieve the next level.

To round out your skills development, this experience is best followed up with L103 Equipment Readiness


Day 1

  • Arrival - Please do not arrive at our range facility before 8:30 AM
  • Wind reading and compensation, Prone shooting fundamentals
  • Range - Wind reading exercise, Prone shooting exercise
  • Lunch
  • Range - Wind shooting exercise
  • Advanced internal and external ballistics
  • Debrief

Day 2

  • Range - Cold bore shot, Wind shooting exercise
  • Terminal ballistics
  • Lunch
  • Laser rangefinder function and utilization
  • Range - Practical shooting exercise
  • Range - Practical shooting exercise
  • Debrief

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