L104 Long Range Muzzleloader

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Date & Time
Monday , May 23, 2022
Start - 9:00 AM
Tuesday , May 24, 2022
End - 4:00 PM
Gunwerks LLC, Training Headquarters
665 Co Ln 37
Burlington, WY 82411
United States
--Gunwerks LLC, Training Headquarters--
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Gunwerks LLC

Experience Overview

Hunting with a muzzleloader is the ultimate challenge for a long-range shooter! Everything is more difficult. Wind deflection is more than double, velocity deviations can be over 100 fps, loading techniques can affect precision - and you only get one shot! We designed this two-day course to dive deep into getting consistent results from your long-range muzzleloader system. With today's sophisticated equipment and enlightened shooter, our content is continually improving and diving deeper and deeper into the details our clients require to enhance their journey to long-range shooting excellence. The main focus of the L104 LR Muzzleloader course curriculum is to teach our clients the core knowledge and techniques to select and set up a long-range muzzleloader. This course focuses particularly on the theory of the muzzleloader, muzzleloader safety, cleaning and maintenance, external ballistics, and the necessary skills to create and use a trued ballistic profile. This course is designed around the Gunwerks Muzzleloader System, however, the bulk of the content is applicable to any muzzleloading system. If you haven't purchased a system, you can rent the equipment and supplies for this class. Choose the appropriate registration fee. Because we will spend so much time on muzzleloader-specific topics, most of the shooting and ballistics content are high-level reviews. You will benefit from previous attendance to L102 Fundamentals of Marksmanship and/or L101 Ballistic Foundations, however, they are not prerequisites.

Long Range University Overview

Long Range University
Our course curriculum is always evolving! Over the past couple of years, we have developed a new organization of training content, facilitating a more focused and progressive learning experience. Now our courses are organized into two parallel tracks, Ballistic Science and Marksmanship Skills, culminating in our Advanced training courses.

Ballistic Science

The core Long Range University curriculum is contained in our Ballistic Science track. We place a heavy emphasis on the science of long-range shooting. Generally, you will spend time in the classroom introducing concepts, followed by range demonstration and exercise to solidify complex topics.

Marksmanship Skills

The second track is our Marksmanship Skills track where we place a heavy focus on developing shooting skills. Light on the classroom, these courses spend most of the time teaching practical applications on the range.

Advanced Training

When you are ready to test your skills, we offer several advanced courses to challenge you and your equipment in calculated conditions to refine your experience and capabilities.  From mountain shooting venues to pronghorn hunting in New Mexico to a precision rifle competition, we can offer you the opportunity to achieve the next level.


Day 1

  • Arrival - Please do not arrive at our facility before 8:30 AM
  • Design of the Long Range Muzzleloader, Loading procedures and safety
  • Range - Zeroing and accuracy exercises
  • Lunch
  • Ballistic App and Muzzy External Ballistics
  • Range - Trajectory validation to 400 yards
  • Debrief and optional tour of Gunwerks Manufacturing Facility in Cody

Day 2

  • Care and cleaning
  • Range - Cold bore shot exercise, zero confirmation
  • Range - Unloading drill, Shooting drills
  • Lunch
  • Range - Trajectory validation to 600 yards
  • Practical shooting exercise
  • Debrief

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