Podcast: PILOT - Welcome To The Long Range Pursuit Podcast
4 April, 2018 by
Podcast: PILOT - Welcome To The Long Range Pursuit Podcast
Gunwerks LLC, Landon Michaels

The inaugural episode! Gunwerks Founder, Aaron Davidson and Marketing Manager, Landon Michaels discuss the reason and purpose for launching Long Range Pursuit Podcast and what to expect in coming episodes. They dive into the history of Gunwerks and the evolution of long range shooting, touching on philosophy and ethics of long range hunting, and for beginners, how to get started in long range.

If you’re listening here, you’re probably somewhat familiar with Gunwerks (if not, we especially welcome you!) We’ve been producing long range content for a LONG time. Our TV show, Long Range Pursuit is going on 8 seasons now. We’ve been putting video on YouTube for about as long. We produce Long Range Magazine, and a number of other outlets. As the podcast space has matured, we finally decided it was time to get this going. One thing that really lends itself well to this subject matter is that it’s long form, much less formal and more interactive, so we can really have some good, serious, in-depth discussions around some relatively complex and nuanced topics.

The plan is currently to release 2 episodes per month or one every other week. Please be sure to subscribe and let your buddies know this is something they need to get subscribed for, give us a thumbs up and review if you feel inclined and help us know this isn’t just us up here in the cloud talking to us. You as the audience being there to lean and enjoy is the only reason we’re here and we hope to provide some discussion and information for the expert and beginner alike to make this an educational as well as an enjoyable podcast for you! Also, please, please, send us feedback, suggestions, questions, or topics you’d like to hear discussed to [email protected]. We WILL read it and we WILL get back to you!

We’ve already got more than 50 awesome topics picked out to discuss over the next several episodes. We’ll be bringing on a number of Gunwerks crew members, partners, and industry experts to discuss topics from ballistics, gear choice, long range tactics, hunting and competition shooting, new developments and technology, etc., etc. Plenty of meat for the complete new beginner to long range veterans.

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