Podcast: EP 6 - MRAD vs MOA
19 June, 2018 by
Podcast: EP 6 - MRAD vs MOA
Gunwerks LLC, Landon Michaels

MRAD vs MOA. Choosing between different scope setups for long range shooting is a question we are asked frequently. Even among experienced shooters, the MOA vs MRAD debate can often get heated. Caylen Wojcik and Landon Michaels talk riflescopes and choosing between the different options for angular units of measure in rifle scopes and reticles - MOA (Minute of Angle), MILs (Miliradians), and BDC (Bullet Drop Compensated) systems. They discuss the different applications, pros and cons of each system and how the long range shooter can choose which system and optic to learn and run on their rifle. They also touch on the subject of FFP (First Focal Plane) and SFP (Second Focal Plane) reticles. 


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