EP 98: Sales Team Q&A Part 1
25 January, 2022 by
EP 98: Sales Team Q&A Part 1
Gunwerks LLC, Landon Michaels

                  Bennett, Dustin and Chris are headed back from DSC and dive into to answer the questions you sent in, including:

                  "How to make your cheaper rifle shoot better?"
                  "What is a mistake many long range hunters make when harvesting game?"
                  "Can you build a GRB action with steel barrel?"
                  "When will the new lightweight cut stock be available to purchase?"
                  "Adjustment for different locations for elevation and temperature differences?"
                  "When will Chris kill an animal with antlers?"
                  "Is the G7 BR2 worth buying over the new one?"
                  "Moose: 300 PRC or 300 Win Mag?"
                  "Best powder and seating depth for 180, 7 saum?"
                  "Could we get Dustin on the cover wearing his cowboy trade show flash?"
                  "Best coyote hunt cartridge?"
                  "Difference in a 28nos and a 7mm stw?"
                  "What is the best round for overall western hunting?"

                  Send feedback, questions, and topics you’d like discussed to: [email protected]