ProBuild - Clymr 7mm Rem Mag No Frills Hunting Rifle
20 February, 2020 by
ProBuild - Clymr 7mm Rem Mag No Frills Hunting Rifle
Gunwerks LLC, Chris Hinojosa


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The first ProBuild for 2020 is our Gunwerks ClymR in 7mm Rem mag. This build is designed to provide some of the same features as our high end builds with a little more attractive price point. Building this rifle out in a fiberglass ClymR stock with steel barrel and steel action is a nod to where Gunwerks started so many years ago, with our LR1000 rifle. The LR1000 rifle helped forge the long range hunting rifle system idea and we believe we’ve continued to move forward helping define what a hunting rifle should be with this system.

Make no mistake, this is a purebred hunting rifle. The slim design fits a scabbard well, the moderate weight of the stainless steel barrel swings and points well in thick timber, and of course, the 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge which has proven effective for over 50 years. 

Gunwerks has been chambering the 7mm Rem Mag since day one and it is still one of our most recommended cartridges. Top it off with the Leupold Mark 5 HD in 3.6-18 magnification and you have a lightweight, compact, long-range-capable optic that doesn’t affect the balance of the rifle.

The Gunwerks RH1 reticle in the first focal plane Mark 5 acts like a post reticle at low magnification, perfect for quick off-hand shots; yet is clear and well-defined for wind holds when we’re really testing the ballistics of the rifle system.

I get a lot of comments along the lines of “any gun builder can build a rifle, slap a scope on it, and figure out a load that will shoot 1000 yards - for half the cost”. Yes, we do build some expensive rifles, and guess what folks - real quality costs real dollars! This Gunwerks ProBuild keeps cost down and performance high, yet still includes many of the features that others charge a premium for, and other features no one can offer!

We don’t just assemble rifles out of someone else’s components, we design and manufacture nearly every component of the system to work in harmony. A balanced rifle from Gunwerks with a feature list and price that’s hard to beat.