Aaron Davidson Guest speaks on the John BarTolo Show podcast
11 March, 2020 by
Aaron Davidson Guest speaks on the John BarTolo Show podcast
Gunwerks LLC

Aaron Davidson of Gunwerks acclaimed his current success in the long range hunting business to being at the right place at the right time with a few lucky breaks. It didn’t hurt to create an iconic name. In addition, he gives kudos to his amazing team that works hard to “crush it,” the secret to continued success.

Aaron shares that what sets Gunwerks apart from smaller start up shops is putting millions towards engineering, manufacturing and supply chain optimization for specific designs from top to bottom. If you compare all the parts and pieces with the small shop, they are limited by what they are able to do. He feels people mistake ability with the performance and experience. The key is a gun designed for very specific purposes, designed together to work together. Not only is the shooting experience different, but they are able to connect directly to the customer through the booth experience, over the phone, live chat and more. In addition, Aaron shares where he sees the premium gun market headed over the next three years. 

Gunwerks understands that customers want a premium product without being “nickeled and dimed.” Balancing the dynamic between the product sold, the client experience and the lifetime of ownership is a huge difference for the end user. They don’t see it as serving customers but keeping satisfied clients upon having a good experience. Furthermore, Aaron discusses effective range and the importance of spending wisely on specific features. 

In closing, John and Aaron discuss how politics are affecting both the hunting and gun industry. They candidly share their projection for the future as well as what is important now for the industry to thrive as it should.

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