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Level 1 Classes - The Foundation

In our Level 1 courses we focus on building your foundation of skills. Learning about the long-range shooting system, you’ll receive an in-depth presentation on the components that make a long-range shooting system function consistently, and what separates Gunwerks from the rest. You’ll come away with a complete understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship and you’ll have a handful of helpful drills in your pocket to keep your foundation solid even after you leave.


Level 2 Classes - Development

In the spirit of progression, our Development course builds on the Foundation you learned. Here we’re adding the more technical aspect of long-range shooting. You’ll learn the science behind ballistics, how to validate a long-range trajectory, and understand how wind affects your bullet under a wide variety of circumstances. Continuing to build on your skills, our Application course will cover field shooting techniques and managing your equipment to make you more effective the next time you’re afield. Just like the Foundation course, you’ll leave with purpose-built shooting drills that you can practice on your own to keep your skills on point.

Level 3 Classes - Application

Bringing things full-circle with the progression, we have the Application course. At this level, you’re bringing everything you’ve learned together and your skills will be tested in real-world field conditions. We’re spending less time in the classroom and more time putting you, your mind, and your equipment in problem solving scenarios so you can see where your capabilities really lie. Largely working on your own under the mentorship of our instructors you’ll be making your own calls, just like you would afield.


Level 4 - Mastery & Long Range Experiences

We know what it takes to successfully harvest a trophy, or consistently hit steel targets in the most challenging and austere conditions. At a Gunwerks Long Range Experience, you can put your skills to the test. We work with some of the best outfitters and venues throughout the United States, and the world, to deliver unique opportunities for the long-range hunter and competitive shooter. Whether it’s the African plains, or the high desert of the western United States, we’ve got an opportunity for you to show us what you’ve learned.

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