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L270 Combined L110 / L210 with Antelope Hunt- New Mexico


2019 Dates Coming Soon!

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Product Overview

Level 1/Level 2 - Antelope Hunt

Course Curriculum

  • Theory of Equipment Selection
  • Understanding the System
  • Recognizing Engineered Features
  • Overview of Main Components of the LRRS
  • Rifle Scopes - MOA and Milliradian, Features, Focal Plane, Defining Performance, Function, Performance, QC and Mounting Solutions
  • Rifle Stock - Functions of a Rifle Stock, Action/Accessory Interface, Recoil Management, Target Acquisition/ Engagement, Target Reacquisition
  • Rifle Action, Three Main Functions
  • Barrel/Chamber -Bullet Stabilization, Bullet Alignment, Heat Management
  • Muzzle Break -How a Brake Works, Port Direction, Engineering Trade Off
  • Triggers - Design, Stage/Set
  • Ammunition - Terminal Performance, Low Wind Deflection, Minimize Vertical
  • Rangefinder - Range Accuracy, Maximum Range, Specification and Function, Target Measurement/Detection, Measurement Modes, Beam Divergence, Laser Wavelength and Power Output, Bonus Functions/Devices
  • Caliber vs. Recoil
  • Precision Shooting - Bench Techniques, Shooting to Rifles Potential, POI parity with Field Shooting, Support, Body Position, Breathing, Trigger Control, Techniques, Free Recoil, The Grip, Anchor Point, Bag Pressure, Two Point Support, Follow Through and Spotting Techniques
  • Cleaning and Maintenance - Classroom Discussion and Demonstration, Tools and Supplies, Techniques
  • External Ballistics - Defining Trajectory, Drop and Line of Departure, Line of Sight and Elevation Angle
  • Ballistic Parameters, Bullet Drag, Initial Velocity, and Air Density, Using a Ballistic Program
  • Understanding Wind - Methods for Reading Wind, Focus and Mirage, Natural Objects, Using the Wind Meter, Wind Corrections, Using Clock/Cosine angles, Averaging the Wind, Wind and Terrain
  • Internal Ballistics - Ammunition, Barrel Harmonics, Chamber and Throat, Load Developement, Pressure Signs, Developing a Load using a Ladder Test
  • Field Shooting - Attain Proficiency with a field rest, Master the rear Support in Field Conditions, Good Spotting Techniques and placement of Spotting Scope, Two Point Support, Body Position for Field Positions, Proper Prone Supported using Bipod Correctly, Seated-Bag Supported, Kneeling Assisted, Sling Seated, Rear Sticks
  • Terminal Ballistics - Making The Kill Shot, Bullet Placement, Make an Adequate Wound Cavity, Understanding Your Target and its Skeletal Structure, Terminal Performance, Explore Bullet Construction, Bullet Efficiency, Dynamic Pressure, Shoulder Stabilization, Impact Velocity, Hydro Dynamic Threshold, Effect of Velocity variation on Wound Cavity
  • Field shooting Advanced Tactics - Shooting with Angles, Rangefinder Operations and Programing Your Rangefinder, Verifying Your Range finder, Advanced Compensation, Air Density, Incline, Spin Drift, Coriolis
  • Backup Systems - Ranging with Reticles, MOA and Mildot Formulas, Using a Dope Card, Long Range Field Shooting Check List, Ranging Unknown Targets with your Reticle
  • 2 Day Guided Hunt in NM is included in the Course
  • Gunwerks Rifles and Ammunition are also Included
  • You May use your own rifle if you desire

 For Information on Class Locations: class-information

(5 out of 5)

LR 1,2 and Antelope Hunt

- Dennis Charleton

(5 out of 5)

Ship Captain

Can't say enough good things about this combined course and hunt. James Eagleman the head instructor is a wealth of knowledge with real world experience & opinions, is patient and breaks down the long range shooting process in easy to grasp terms and shows you how to use it in the field.
The Whittington Center is an amazing facility and worth the trip to New Mexico just to check it out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
There are plenty of experienced Gunwerks employes around during the range sessions and hunt to help you along and answer any questions you may have.
There's never a time that you feel pressured to buy anything and this is not a sales pitch. They stand behind their products because they know it works and let their system speak for itself.
The hunt is a great way to put what you learned in the 2 day class into action in the field and take a nice Pronghorn. The guides from Bears Den Outfitters are a pleasure and run a first class operation.

Lastly I can't say enough good things about Mike, Jim, Craig and the rest of the crew that was there. Very friendly, knowledgeable guys and just fun to hang around with. My elderly father who is fighting cancer tagged along with me and they treated him like family and went above and beyond to help him out.

- Russ Grisbeck


All Classes will meet the Evening before class begins at 6:30 PM for Dinner at the Whittington Center Cafeteria.

Combined L101 / L201 Antelope Hunt - is held once a year at the NRA Whittington Center, Raton NM.

This is a 2 day compressed class with an additional 2 day hunt.

 After you have successfully finished our course, one of our Instructors will accompany you on a guided hunt to further advise you on your Long range Antelope hunt. 


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