Skunkwerks Rifle Package - The BlastR

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Bolt Action Pistol
Because we Can!

What originated as a travel-friendly rig for Gunwerks Founder, Aaron Davidson on an Alaska Musk Ox hunt, became the bad idea that caught on! Pretty soon everyone around the office wanted one, which meant only one thing! Pair this Skunkwerks project with a May 4th launch and the BlastR was born!

Folding Pistol Brace

The folding pistol brace makes this short 6.5 Creedmoor which is legally designated as a pistol. The result is a rig that can be stored in a backpack and deployed in seconds out to 800+ yards!

The Whole Enchilada

The BlastR isn't just a gun! We paired it as a package with all the goodies you need for a good time (just do your best to keep it legal! ;). An included Gunwerks 6 suppressor (tax stamp required) as well as an Area 419 muzzle brake, Tripod for seated and standing shooting, ARCA-Picatinny bipod adapter, 200 rounds of Hornady Match ammo, single point Viking Tactics sling and a Savior Equipment backpack to stow it all! True to form, the package comes with a Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18 scope mounted, zeroed and a ballistic matched, laser etched turret.

Short Gun - Long Game

The 12" carbon wrapped barrel chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and tuned for Hornady Match ammunition produces approximately 2,250 feet per second muzzle velocity. This provides hunting capability to around 800 yards on deer sized game, and much farther on steel!

Business in the Front.
Party in the back!

The applications are endless. From compact truck gun to stowable travel rig. Deer stand to hogs. Predator hunting to banging steel, the BlastR is at your side and ready for a good time!

Gunwerks 6IX Suppressor

We've included a custom Cerakote Gunwerks 6IX suppressor with every BlastR. A tax stamp is required to take posession, but we'll help you get the process started. The included Area 419 brake will hold you over, dramatically taming recoil and muzzle rize. It's as easy as spinning one off and the other on! If you live in an area where suppressors are not allowed, we can substitute some extra ammo.


  • CALIBER: 6.5 Creedmoor
  • ACTION: Stainless Steel Gunwerks GRB
  • STOCK: Black Collar Arms Pork Sword W/ Custom Forend & Folding Pistol Brace
  • BARREL: 12" Carbon Wrapped, threaded 5/8x24
  • TWIST RATE: 1:7
  • MUZZLE BRAKE: Area 419 Hellfire 2P (5/8x24)
  • SUPPRESSOR: Gunwerks 6IX
  • METAL FINISH: Sand & Graphite Cerakote

  • OPTIC: Leupold Mark 5 3.6-18x42 w/ Gunwerks RH1 Reticle
  • TURRET: Laser-etched yardage & MOA
  • RINGS: Gunwerks Picatinny with 20 MOA & integrated bubble level
  • BOTTOM METAL: Gunwerks Detachable Mag
  • TRIGGER: Trigger Tech set @ 2.5lbs
  • LENGTH OF PULL: None ;)
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 8.6 lbs


Best BlastR In The Galaxy

“Ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”

- Han Davidson

SOLD OUT A limited run 6.5 Creedmoor pistol with folding brace ready for any adventure!


  • BlastR With Folding Pistol Brace

  • Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x42 W/ Laser Etched Turret

  • Gunwerks 6IX Suppressor

  • Area 419 Hellfire 2P Brake

  • 200 Rounds Hornady Match Ammo

  • Carbon Fiber Tripod With ARCA Mount

  • ARCA-Picatinny Bipod Adapter

  • Viking Tactics 1/2 Point Sling

  • Savior Equipment Urban Takedown Case


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