Gunwerks Brass (100 Count)
    • Brass Cartridge

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Product Overview

Sold in quantities of 100. Premium reloading brass engineered by Gunwerks. Designed as the perfect brass for precision shooters, this cartridge brass features extreme consistency lot to lot and extremely tight tolerances. Optimized case walls and primer pockets afford high brass life for maximum number of reloads possible. Uniform flash holes provide consistent ignition and low extreme spreads. We load our own Gunwerks ammunition with the same brass because we know it meets our high standards where everything else falls short.


  • Extreme consistency piece to piece and lot to lot

  • Consistent weight & volume to reduce velocity spreads

  • Minimal neck runout for superior precision

  • Optimized metallurgy and dimensions to maximize case life

  • Clean case head design for easy pressure sign identification

  • All brass sizes feature large rifle primer pockets

  • Our brass is engineered with thicker walls than our competitors for extended case life, meaning more reloads. You may need to reduce powder charges to maintain desired pressures.


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