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L101/L201 Combined Long Range Shooting - Dismal River, NE

Our prime long range training experience. Join us for an all-inclusive 2-day L1-L2 Long Range University course at the legendary Dismal River Ranch in Nebraska.

Dismal River 2020 - Stay tuned for 2020 dates coming soon


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Product Overview

This event is a combined L1/L2 course taught over 2 days. Includes lodging and meals, 3 nights, 2 days (the night before and the night of each day). $500 deposit to hold seat. Rifles and ammo are provided. Level 1: Level 1 is not just a beginners course. L1 content is foundational knowledge necessary for mastery of the shooting discipline. Whether you are studying Long Range Shooting, training up for competition shoots, or preparing for a hunt of a lifetime, when you complete a Level 1 course you will have the skills and techniques required to progress. Level 2: Level 2 courses are designed to build on the foundation established in Level 1. The topics are advanced. Generally, you will leave a Level 2 course with a high degree of technical capability. Level 2 courses combine equal parts of classroom and practical training. Completion of Level 2 signifies a significant step in your progression in mastery of discipline. See more course and venue details.

2019 Schedule:

First Class: June 17-18, 2019
Second Class: June 19-20, 2019



About Dismal River: Established in 2006, Dismal River Club has attracted fervent golfers from across the country and around the globe to the hills of Western Nebraska. In 2017, Joel Jacobs, a native of Mullen, Neb., took the helm, expanding our offerings to include hunting, fishing and an array of outdoor excursions; lavish lodging amenities; and five-star dining. In addition to world-class golf. Dismal River Club Shooting Sports: The rolling hills surrounding the Dismal River Club offer a perfect backdrop for our state-ofthe-art shotgun and long-range shooting facilities. Experienced shooters will appreciate the challenge of our five-stand course, and precision rifle shooters will love our long-range setup. If you aren’t an experienced shooter, what better place to learn than here?

  • 1,760-yard long-range shooting facility
  • Five stand sporting clays
  • Wobble trap shooting
  • Mountain biking
  • Guided UTV Tours
  • Fishing: Bass, crappie, perch, trout
  • 3D Archery
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Buffalo tours
  • 2 World class golf courses

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