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Have you ever wanted to share your success stories with other people who have the same passion for long range hunting and shooting as you do? If you have a cool story and photos to match, we want to print it in our magazine. Stories about everything from great hunts to competitive shooting events are fair game, so send them all in.

We will be giving away some awesome gear as a reward for having your story printed with us. You could get a G7 BR2 Rangefinder if your story is the best of the best. Other possible rewards include wind meters, rifle cleaning kits or ammunition. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity and submit your story today!

If you think your story has what it takes, download our Story Submission Form, and send an email to We will work with you to get your story and photos submitted and possibly printed in Long Range Magazine.


Recomended Reading 

Story Submission Form – We use this form on our end to keep everything organized and make sure that we can send you the gear you have earned in a timely manner. It also contains helpful information for you to get started writing your story. All of our requirements are contained within this page, so download it now and start typing!

Take Better Pictures – While you’re downloading things, make sure to add this photography article to your list. It has lots of very good advice to help you be a more successful hunt photographer. Just so you know, our designer is very picky, so the better your pictures are the better chance your story has of being chosen for print. 


Submit Your Story

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