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G7 Ballistic Turret 5-25 ATACR F1

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Product Overview

This G7 Ballistic Turret fits the Nightforce 5-25x56 ATACR F1 MOAR Zstop DigIllum riflescope

The G7 Ballistic Turret features custom calibration in yards to target. The BT is built to match your cartridge Ballistic Coefficient, Muzzle Velocity and the Altitude and Temperature of your average hunting conditions. We offer a single revolution distance calibration that will get you past 1200 yards (depending on cartridge and bullet).

When combined with the G7 BR2, you can calculate your corrected shoot to range in yards as well as your exact windage hold solution. The BR2 corrects for air density and incline.

This is a custom built product. Make sure your data is correct, no refunds will be issued if you order incorrectly. Please allow 7-10 days for production. Shipping time will be added separately, for example, overnight shipping will still take a minimum of 8 days to receive the product.

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