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We pride ourselves in being innovative leaders of the world of long-range hunting and shooting. Since our beginning, we have tirelessly worked to produce the ultimate tools in long-range shooting. This effort has created some of the most accurate rifles in the world, and one of the most sought-after long range training programs known to the hunting community. The curriculum isn’t designed around industry buzz or fluff. Our training program has been carefully developed to focus on what you need to place a bullet exactly where you want it, when you want it there, and under any circumstances. Your success is our success.    

Being an industry leader requires constant evaluation of the past, the present, and the future. As such the curriculum at Gunwerks is evolving to match the speed at which the long-range shooting industry is moving. Sitting down at the table, we reevaluated what our customer needed and developed a training program that focuses on a progression of skills. Understanding the learning process enabled us to create a three-phased approach to developing the skills a shooter needs for success. In addition, we’re adding a totally new aspect of shooting that will allow you to progress even farther beyond what you once thought was possible.

We’ve created two separate training tracks, one focused on hunting and the other on competitive long range shooting. Both offer three levels of training, following the principles of Foundation, Development, and Application of skills. Our long-range hunting game is still as strong as ever, but we’ve introduced another curriculum focusing on the competitive side of long-range shooting. Why you ask? Because practical long-range competition is an incredible test of a shooter’s ability to master not only the fundamentals, but every aspect of the long-range shooting system. These skills will undoubtedly make you a more efficient hunter the next time you’re afield.

Level 1 - Foundation

Level 1 is not just a beginners course. L1 content is foundational knowledge necessary for mastery of the shooting discipline. Whether you are studying Long Range Shooting, training up for competition shoots, or preparing for a hunt of a lifetime, when you complete a Level 1 course you will have the skills and techniques required to progress.


Level 2 - Development

Level 2 courses are designed to build on the foundation established in Level 1. The topics are advanced. Generally, you will leave a Level 2 course with a high degree of technical capability. Level 2 courses combine equal parts of classroom and practical training. Completion of Level 2 signifies a significant step in your progression in mastery of discipline.


Level 3 - The Application

Level 3 courses are designed around in situ training scenarios packaged to enhance the training experience. In Level 3 we try to avoid the classroom and perform in-field debriefing and instruction. L3 classes will require completion of prerequisite course material.


The Shooting Platform

Stable and adjustable benches combined with correct shooting equipment are the foundation for precision and a fundamental for accuracy.

The Target Range

Our known distance range has targets out to 1400 yards. Big AR500 targets are expensive, but they mark strikes that help a shooter learn.

The Training Room

Comfortable. Convenient. A classroom close enough to the range you can be shooting in a couple minutes.  

Aaron Davidson

Founder. Aaron has directed the Gunwerks team’s efforts to develop the most comprehensive long range shooting curriculum available in the industry today. Aaron founded Gunwerks in 2006. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Aaron has been at the center of industry advancements in long range shooting over the last decade, and is known by many in the industry as the authority in all things long range. This title was earned through years of dedicated research and development efforts by himself and his company. Informative, innovative and dedicated, there is no doubt that graduating from his long range university is a true achievement.

Caylen Wojcik

Director of Training. Caylen is recognized as a subject matter expert in the areas of long range shooting and wilderness travel. He is a published author for several industry publications, and is a long range shooting competitor. Wojcik served 8 years as a United States Marine Scout Sniper, amassing 80 weeks of formal sniper skills training courses. During his time in the scout sniper community, Caylen served in almost every billet available, as well as serving as a sniper instructor on both basic and advanced levels. He completed 3 overseas deployments, one of which was a combat deployment where he sustained injuries that led to the end of his military service.

Scott Satterlee

Lead Shooting Instructor. Scott Satterlee is a 26 year Special Operations Veteran having served multiple combat tours. Scott retired out of 1st Special Forces Group in 2016 as the lead instructor and chief operations officer for the Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course. Scott grew up hunting in the Western states and started competing in NRA Service Rifle in the early 1990s. He continued to compete when possible in High Power, Small Bore and USPSA events throughout his military career. Scott has made considerable contributions to the development of the sport of competitive long range shooting. 

Jeremy Winters

Course Instructor. Jeremy is our gear guy. He personally handles all of the rifles and gear our customers send through our facility. When something new hits the market, Jeremy is the first to figure out what it is and how it can benefit our customer. Jeremy has served as a range instructor since the first Gunwerks LRU event, and for the past several years has developed his skill as a course instructor, personally teaching over 500 students in the classroom. Jeremy’s experience in teaching, hunting, shooting, and gunsmithing create a unique combination of talents well suited for instructing long range courses.

Mike Davidson

Range Instructor. Mike is our Production Supervisor. That means he really understands our product. From scheduling to shooting, he’s immersed in precision firearms and shooting on a daily basis. He’s the guy we go to when we want to know how a gun is shooting. He also has an extensive resume of long range hunts around the world. He knows the gear, and he understands the situations a hunter will encounter in the field. When you combine that experience with a personable demeanor and passion for what we do, you have a great instructor.

Garrett Wall

Range Instructor. Garrett is our Director of Sales and Marketing. He’s handled everything from the logistics of teaching our long range shooting curriculum internationally to the details of instructing a shooter on the line. Garrett’s detail oriented focus helps him analyze a student’s performance and offer very specific suggestions for improvement. His communication is precise and easy to follow. Those two skills allow him to be a particularly effective instructor, but add in the ability to relate to the learning process a customer goes through and Garrett is the instructor you want at your station.

Paradigm Shift

I was intrigued by but slightly hesitant about the concept of long range hunting and decided to attend the Level 1 Course and familiarize myself with the techniques and equipment Gunwerks has become well known for. First and foremost, the educational material itself is worth every penny. But when we hit the range and I started nailing the 600 yard bulls-eye within a few shots and the 840 yard target became a gimme within less than an hour of putting their techniques and equipment to work I can officially say I was convinced. This course is absolutely necessary for anyone looking to hone their bench shooting techniques and navigate the murky waters of long range optics and firearms. These guys are as legit as they come!

 Adam Janke - Journal of Mountain Hunting


Knowledge is Power!

The information that was passed on to me by the Gunwerks staff, during the 2 day course has been invaluable. I have used a piece of information on each one of my big game hunts this fall. Whether it was adjusting parallax, doping the wind, loading the bi-pods or something as simple as mounting the rifle in the shoulder pocket. Having the knowledge enabled me to make the shot!

Jeff Watt


I've been a Gunwerks customer for a long time and own several rifles. The customer service is excellent! The Long Range University Curriculum presents a very technical step by step process to develop your knowledge and skill for long range shooting. The Level 3 course is perfect for the advanced shooter, or the hunter spending the big bucks on hunts with extreme mountain terrain.

James Mathisen

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Video Gallery

LRU Level 1 Video

Garrett Wall spills the beans about what you can expect from a level 1 course from Long Range University.

LRU Level 2 Video

L2 really is the place where you get indepth knowledge about things like doping the wind and challenging field shooting positions and conditions.

LRU Level 3 Video

L3, the masters course in Long Range Shooting. Here is where your skills are put to the test and weaknesses are exposed and then strengthened by your instructors.

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