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Before ordering, please read our Stock Ordering and Fitting Instructions!

Heavy-hitting and capable at extreme ranges! Whether built to tame the largest magnums or stay on target through strings of fire in competition, the Verdict is the final answer.

This fully configurable and adjustable rifle stock system is based on our proprietary Carbon Fiber composite layup with M-LOK® accessory rails and various optional accessory mounts. The inlet can be precisely machined to fit many Rem 700 footprint actions and barrel profiles. This means it can be configured as a lightweight ELR hunting rig, or a tricked out competition chassis.


We’ve named this new rifle stock after the popular Gunwerks ELR Verdict rifle model. That rifle has served as our platform for heavy Extended Long Range builds — usually 338 Lapua or 300 Norma builds that weigh 14 lbs and up. Big recoil and heavy barrels requires the right platform to support it. With the emergence of the Precision Rifle Competition, we’ve tailored the Verdict stock platform to incorporate the features necessary for competing and winning!

Design Geometry

The design features our signature negative comb, and we’ve pulled over the toe line from the new Magnus stock. It’s optimized to provide minimal stock drop when running a rear bag. The grip area is configurable from the all-around dimensions of the Magnus to a straight vertical grip optimized for competitive control. Finally, the flat bottom forend is designed to integrate with an optional Arca-Swiss® compatible accessory rail while sporting a width and profile suitable for barricade and obstacle shooting.

Full Adjustability

Full adjustability in the recoil pad of the Magnus stock, allows vertical adjustment and fine tuning for cant to a shooter's individual preferences or body type. An optional spacer system also allows fine tuning for length of pull. The adjustable cheek riser removes and installs without tools and offers easy in-the-field adjustments.

Interchangeable Grips

Made from textured, CNC machined G10 material, two interchangeable grips are available to optimize fit for palm swell and shooting style. The ergonomic design and vertical orientation of the grip, combined with our proprietary thumb shelf technology provides a grip interface like none other!

Accessory Mounts

Accessorize to your heart's content! The Verdict comes with a standard Picatinny rail bipod mount, but can also be fitted with an optional half or full-length ARCA rail via integrated M-LOK® mounts on the bottom of the forend. Additional M-LOK mounts on the sides and an optional night vision mounting system round out the array of mounting options. 


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  • Lightweight carbon fiber composite or basic fiberglass Construction
  • Optional half or full-length ARCA rail attachment
  • Optional night vision mount
  • M-LOK® side accessory rails
  • Fully adjustable Gunwerks recoil pad
  • Spacer system for length of pull adjustments
  • Integrated flush cup QD sling mounts
  • Adjustable cheekpiece
  • Interchangeable pistol grips
  • Aluminum bedding block
  • Configurable CNC inletting
  • Approximate weight: 3.9 lbs (Carbon Fiber); 4.45 lbs (Fiberglass)
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