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Built for the ultimate mountain rifle. Pair this ultralight carbon fiber rifle stock with a titanium action and carbon barrel for extreme weight reduction. 

With advanced carbon fiber layup technology, negative comb and Integrated flush-mount bipod rail, this is the most long-range-capable ultralight stock anywhere! 


Our industry is fascinated with tiny little mountain rifles. As well as big rifle rigs that ding steel at 1200 yards! The ClymR was conceived as minimalist, mountain-mission ready long range capable platform.

Design Geometry

Striking the right balance has always been the engineering dilemma. To achieve the product behavior we envisioned for the ClymR rifle stock, we needed to focus on our performance dimensions. The negative comb reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil. The forend length is optimized for 18-22 inch barrel length. The grip shape is uniquely adaptable for all shooting positions.

Negative Comb

The lines and geometry of a stock determine how it handles and recoils. We pioneered the negative comb, which continues its hold in our newest stock designs. Negative comb helps reduce felt recoil and promotes straighter recoil. You'll spot impacts better and make quicker follow-up shots.

Vertical Grip & Thumb Shelf

Our vertical grip provides ergonomic handling and optimized trigger control. The innovative Thumb Shelf technology promotes proper grip and prevents over-gripping which introduces torque into the system.

Integrated Bipod Rail

Our integrated Picatinny rail is made for mounting a bipod closer to the center line of the bore for better recoil management. It also includes QD sling mounts for low-profile handling, smooth function and fewer snags on shooting bags, backpacks, or brush. 

Advanced Composite Layup

Our proprietary composite technology provides the strongest stocks by weight in the industry. Stocks are available in fiberglass for cost savings or carbon fiber composition for the ultimate in stock performance.

CNC Inletting

Our heavy investment in CNC technology enables precise, repeatable inletting with high tolerances for clean finishes and reliable fit. 

Aluminum Bedding Block

An aluminum chassis is the BEST solution for precision rifles. While most rifle builders still rely on glass bedding for action-stock fitment, a properly designed and machined bedding block provides high tolerances and a simple, drop-in fit for your barreled action.

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The ClymR features the perfect combination of Gunwerks technologies for the mountain hunter. Our new Carbon Fiber manufacturing processes combined with the ClymR design geometry sets a new standard for ultralight mountain rifles.

• Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Composite or Basic Fiberglass Option
• Flush-Mount Bipod Rail
• Gunwerks Recoil Pad
• Spacer System for LOP Adjustments
• Integrated Flush Cup QD Sling Mounts
• Aluminum Bedding Block
• Approximate Stock Weight: 1.85 lbs. (Carbon); 2.35 lbs. (Fiberglass)

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