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Armageddon Gear The Python Shooting Bag

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Product Overview

The Python Adjustable Support Bag is perhaps the most versatile shooting support bag on the market. Designed by "the Python" himself, Shannon Kay of K&M Precision Rifle Training, , this may be the ultimate one-bag 90% solution. Filled with a 50/50 mix of our heavy and ultralight fill and adjustable for hard or soft support via the dual one-inch webbing straps, the Python can be shaped and sized for any situation or barricade. The Python is smaller and lighter than the Game Changer and Fat Bags, but bigger than the Grippy Brick and Flat Bags. Approximate dimensions: 7"x6"x2.5" depending on adjustments. The Python is proudly made in the USA with premium American materials.


Dimensions: 7"x6"x2.5" ( approximate depending on adjustments)

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