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The Verdict-Ultra-Configurable Precision Foundation

We’ve named this new rifle stock after the popular Gunwerks ELR Verdict rifle model. That rifle has served as our platform for heavy Extended Long Range builds — usually 338 Lapua or 300 Norma builds that weigh 14 lbs and up. Big recoil and heavy barrels requires the right platform to support it. With the emergence of the Precision Rifle Competition, we’ve tailored the Verdict stock platform to incorporate the features necessary for competing and winning!

The System

At Gunwerks we build shooting systems. The Verdict is a machine. Heavy. Steady. Ready to make short work of mile-long shots. This kind of distance requires a setup and ballistic calibration that is complete, no short cuts and no compromises. At Gunwerks, shooting system means we do the work for for you to deliver out-of-the-box performance.

The Design

The design features our signature negative comb, and we’ve pulled over the toe line from the new Magnus stock. It’s optimized to provide minimal stock drop when running a rear bag. The grip area is configurable from the all-around dimensions of the Magnus to a straight vertical grip optimized for competitive control. Finally, the flat bottom forend is designed to integrate with an optional Arca-Swiss® compatible accessory rail while sporting a width and profile suitable for barricade and obstacle shooting.

The Shot

Ultra long range. Tactical competition. One mile shot. The Verdict has capability. It’s not designed to be your portable hunting rifle. Five miles into the back country it’s not, but setup overlooking a massive canyon it IS. It is the perfect gun for the shot. Turn off the steel, and wrap the barrel in carbon, and it becomes a tactical competition champ.

With most of our long range cartridges, the G7 ballistic turret is calibrated to nearly 1400 yards. When you want to shoot farther, break out the ballistic calculator and use the bottom row of MOA numbers to adjust more than two revolutions.

The Action

The LR1500 action is 0.050 inch larger in diameter and 0.465 inches longer to accommodate the massive 338 Lapua case. Even the bolt is bigger at 0.750 inches in diameter.

A Rifle Stock dedicated for shooting prone will be different than an all around rifle stock. Having adjustments for comb height and length of pull will get a stock perfectly fit to your physique and shooting style.  

Bedding Chassis

The other guys are still using plastic to fix machining errors. We don’t bed our rifles. Our bedding chassis precisely secures the action in a machined V rail configuration.

Detachable Magazine

The AI magazine box system is the industry standard for precision shooting. Choose this option for tactical match competitions or to add the convenience of a detachable magazine box with 5 and 10 round capacity options.

VLD Ammunition

VLD stands for Very Low Drag. Our ammunition uses bullets with VLD profiles to get the ultimate performance at extreme distance. Namely, low wind deflection, increased velocity downrange, and less drop.

CNC MFG/ Engineering

Quality control starts with an idea that becomes a design. That design needs to be fully documented with prints and tolerances for error. When the part is machined, its checked against the print.  

Image Gallery

Video Gallery

We've redefined the rifle stock.

We’re pleased to announce three all new stock designs featuring our signature design geometry. Each stock serves as the platform for a unique precision shooting system. Each stock comes in an advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber, or a more affordable fiberglass option.

Gunwerks GLR Action | Behind the Design 

Discover the intricate details that separate the GLR action from any other Remington style action on the market.

Long Range University | Level Three 

LRU Level 3 takes you out of the classroom and into the field to master your shooting techniques in real world hunting and shooting situations.

What Our Customers Think

(5 out of 5)

Nothing Matches The Accuracy

- Joerg F. Jaeger

(5 out of 5)


- Joe G. Sterling

(5 out of 5)

Confidence to make a long elk shot!

I had ordered a .338LM to be ready to shoot last Sept. '15. I went to the beginner and the advanced shooting classes all in one week. I was a little concerned about the .338 for ELK hunting, but knew it had the distance I wanted and needed at almost 70. It shot and felt great! It is a part of a shooting system. Being from Florida , a 200 yard shot is long. The first day of class we did a "400 yd. chip shot" . We Bulls eyed that and went on to 600 , 800 , and 1000 Bulls!! I ended up with a 5" group at 1,300 in the wind. I am very impressed with their system, and now I have the confidence to make a long Elk shot !!!

- Michael Sandifer

(5 out of 5)

This is a absolutely FANTASTIC ERL setup.

I bought this setup for the owner of Shooters in Northeast Florida, it was his personal gun that he had 70 shots down the tube and owned it for a year.
I shot the weapon and fell head over heals in love with it (he is a long time friend) and I pulled my check book out and made him a offer on it right there after I put 5 shots in .22 MOA ctc at 220 yards.. I made made him a offer that he couldn't refuse lol.. that's how I came in ownership of this weapon system, I have had it now for exactly 3 months and will be having Gunwerks build me 2 systems this here shortly.

This is the MOST accurate weapon I have ever shot at 1500 yards bar none.. I have custom builds that cost twice what Gunwerks charges for this setup that are extremely accurate BUT not to the level of this weapon system and that goes for accuracy at ELR and overall product refinement.
This system is the first ERL setup I have ever owned or shot that you can ABSOLUTELY call
it a sub half MOA gun at 1500 yards, this is NOT a 1 MOA 1500 yard gun that prints a .4 to .5 MOA group at 1500 one out of five groups, no not at all this is a gun that will print .4 to .5 MOA groups at 1500 9 out of 10 groups with a slightly over half MOA group every now and then.. if you can't shoot this gun to well under half MOA at 1000 yards then it's on the shooter... 3 inch 1000 yard groups are the norm.. I have never owned or shot another ERL setup that could print 3 inch 1000 yard groups 95% of the time..
This gun is so insanely accurate with a few different loads I've built for it that I don't even bother shooting this system less then a 1000 and it's boringly accurate at that range, honestly even at 1500 yards so long as you can dope wind you better be shooting at small steels or it's just to easy to put lead on target...

We setup 2 liter soda bottles at 1270 yards, 15 bottles to be exact, it took 18 shots to pop 15 bottles... the bottles had to be painted bright orange because at that range they blended with the back ground to much so to be able to get on them. At 1000 that would be 15 bottle in 15 shots if the wind was consistent and I have enough faith that I would slap 500 bucks on the table that with this system you could set 15 up and finish in 15 shots. I have no other weapons system that i have enough faith in that I would make that bet... maybe my old Arnold Arms apollo action neutralizer .300wm that we had rebarreled to .300 Dakota.. that is the most accurate ERL weapon i owned and it turned heads every where because it was superbly accurate and my Gunwerks set up just blows it out the water...
This is a drawn out review but I want every one to completely understand just how accurate this weapon system is... it is mind bendingly accurate and the level of quality and refinement is second to none, even on guns that cost twice as much.. I do believe Gunwerks will pretty much be building every custom setup I need from now on unless it's something that they can't build me and I have to go else where for it, however that's unlikely and every future build of my will wear Gunwerks badging.

Thank you Gunwerks for building a system that in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing can do amazing things with the tool Gunwerks builds to absolute perfection.

- Samuel B.

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Unlike most current competitive products, this fully configurable rifle stock system is based on our proprietary Carbon Fiber composite layup with optional M-LOK® accessory rails. The inlet can be precisely machined to match any barrel and action combination. This means it can be configured as a lightweight ELR hunting rig, or a tricked out competition chassis replacement. With full adjustability, it can even be used as a dedicated night vision rig.

• Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Composite (Basic Fiberglass Option)
• Full Length M-LOK® Rail Under Forearm & Side Accessory Rails
• Optional: Integrated Arca-Swiss® Compatible Accessory Rail
• Removable Barricade Stop
• Fully Adjustable Gunwerks Recoil Pad
• Spacer System for LOP Adjustments

• Integrated Flush Cup QD Sling Mounts
• Patent Pending Adjustable Cheekpiece
• Interchangeable Pistol Grip
• Aluminum Bedding Block
• Configurable CNC Inletting
• Min. Stock Weight: 3.9 lbs. - Max Stock Weight: 4.45 lbs.


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