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The Muzzleloader

Our Muzzleloader is a game changer for your hunt, and possibly some hunting regulations.

Realistic one MOA groups at 500 yards are attainable with a system that offers easy loading with sabots, and over 1600 fps of impact velocity using a 325 grain bullet. We found that heavy recoil is the number one issue with other muzzleloaders, so we focused on stock design, weight, balance, and correct muzzle brake design to tame the heavy recoil. Still, as a hunting rifle, an overall weight under eight pounds can be achieved with the right configuration.  

The Gunwerks Muzzleloader secures primacy in the pursuit of the one shot kill.

The System

The Muzzleloader is the most challenging configuration Gunwerks produces. Accurate shots from a muzzle loader at 500 yards require every component of this long range system to function perfectly. Bore conditioning, load development, and ballistic profiling all require more effort and expertise - on our part. Depending on your requirements, we can set the system up with open sights or a long range scope with a calibrated ballistic turret.

The Design

Creating a muzzle loader that can shoot long range is a challenge, but adding the requirements of easy loading, low recoil, and low maintenance drives the engineers crazy. Engineering is a balancing act of managing trade offs. For example, increasing the BC requires more weight and a faster twist rate, however the sabot can’t handle the stress from a heavier bullet and faster twist. Finding the best balance is the test.

The Hunt

We developed the Muzzle Loader as a tool for chasing the biggest animals during special seasons for “primitive” weapons. We apply for tags in Iowa, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada every year with hopes of drawing a tag for monster elk and deer. If we apply for the muzzle loader seasons our odds go up dramatically. When we draw the tag, the muzzleloader makes sure we put a trophy on the wall and meat in the freezer.

Ballistic Turret

Custom turrets paired with a quality long range scope provide the tools and adjustment to easily reach out to 500 yards or more with a Gunwerks Muzzleloader. We also offer peep sight packages that provide adjustment out to 350 yards for states not allowing magnified scopes.

Muzzleloader Action

We now utilize a standard bolt action receiver with the Ultimate Muzzleloading ignition system that utilizes a primed brass case rather than a 209 primer. This system provides better gas sealing, easier loading, and better protection from the elements.

Rifle Stock

We've introduced our new Magnus 2.0 rifle stock with the Gunwerks Muzzleloader. It tames the heavy recoil typically experienced with muzzleloaders. A new, 2-piece ramrod is fitted with the stock rather than fixed to the barrel for better free float of the barrel, which translates to improved precision.

Bullet BC is really important with the slower muzzle velocity of a muzzle loader. Our preferred bullet has a 0.420 effective BC for downrange performance to 500 yards. We load it in a special sabot and fast twist 1:22 barrel for easy loading and proper bullet stabilization.

CNC MFG/ Engineering

Long range shooting requires precision. Our Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Control Process gives us a distinct advantage over the small boutique rifle builder. We can give our customers a better product.

Image Gallery

Video Gallery

Gunwerks Long Range Muzzleloader

Fully updated for 2019, the new Gunwerks Muzzleloader is built on the Mangus stock, and features an entirely new ignition system.

715 Yard Muzzleloader Antelope Kill Shot

It pays to have a system able to reach out to extended ranges.

Long Range Elk Hunting | With a Muzzleloader

The Gunwerks Muzzleloader proves its worth on a massive elk.

What Our Customers Think

(5 out of 5)

Once In a Lifetime

- Chad Fraughton

(5 out of 5)

Pinpoint Accuracy

I was able to draw a once in a lifetime mountain goat tag in Utah. I knew making an accurate shot with any muzzleloader would be difficult with a one powered scope. You need to have pinpoint accuracy. After shooting this muzzleloader at the range I had all the confidence I needed to shoot any animal up to 300 yards. I made a perfect shot at 185 yards. Thanks to Gunwerks I was successful.

- Cliff Bell

(5 out of 5)

Complete Confidence

Got my muzzleloader for the whitetail woods of the South. First hunt with it was an absolute success as I harvested a great Kentucky whitetail. Complete confidence in the performance of my muzzleloader!

- Brandon-Franklin, TN

(5 out of 5)

My Best Whitetail

I purchased my muzzleloader for hunting big whitetails on my lease in Iowa. I needed to be as confident with it as I am with my LR 1000. My first hunt with it enabled me to take a 174 5/8 whitetail at over 200 yards. Now that's confidence!

- Ronnie Harrison

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Muzzle Loader Only

Weight: 7.80-7.90 lbs | 3.54-3.58 kg
Length: 46.1 in | 117.1 cm
Barrel Length: 26.0 in | 66.0 cm
Std Length of Pull: 13.7 in | 34.8 cm

Barrel | Fluted 9G, Standard 9G

Caliber | .50

Muzzle Brake | Radial

Action Material | Stainless Steel

Stock and Metal Finish Color | See Chart

Right Hand


Material: Carbon Fiber Shell | Epoxy Filler
Weight: 1.70 lbs | 0.77 kg - with Chassis 2.15 lbs | 0.98 kg
Length: 31.3 in | 79.4 cm

Aluminum Chasis

Negative Comb

Decelerator Recoil Pad

Flush Cup Swivels

Pic Rail Bipod Mount

GLR Action


17R Stainless Steel - 1.85 lbs | 0.84 kg


SA 8.1 in | 20.6 cm


SA 1.35 in | 3.43 cm



Magazine Length:


Magazine Capacity:  

Pinned Scope Base

Side Bolt Release

Rem SA Footprint


Bolt Material: 4140 Chrome Moly
Bolt Diameter:

SA 0.700 in | 1.78 cm

Firing Pin Material: A2 Tool Steel
Spring Material: Chrome Vanadium
Finish: NP3 Electroless Nickel

Asymetrical Fluting

1 PCS Bolt

Rear Lockup

Remington Style Firing Pin

Manual Eject 209 Primer


Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Weight: 9G 2.75 lbs | 1.24 kg - Fluted 2.65 lbs | 1.20 kg 
Length: 26.0 in | 66.0 cm
Shank Diameter: 1.25 in | 3.18 cm
Muzzle Diameter: 9G 0.88 in | 2.24 cm
Muzzle Thread: 9G 3/4-32
Finish: Cerakote
Contour: Stainless Steel | 9G

.50 Cal - 20


5R Rifling

Hand Lapped

Thread Protector



Weight: 1.5-4.0 lbs | 0.7-1.8 kg

External Weight Adjustment

Click per Ounce Adjustment

Rolling Friction Sear Engaugement

Muzzle Brake

Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Length: Radial 1.75 in | 4.5 cm

9G Radial 0.88 in | 2.2 cm

Weight: Radial 0.132 lbs | 0.060 kg
Finish: Cerakote
Number of Ports: Radial 48
Port Direction:

Radial 0-360 Degrees 

Recoil Reduction Radial 30%
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We pay attention to every detail

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Unmatched in the gun industry

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