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Lead time on this rifle: 120 Days

The MountainX

The MountainX was born on the side of a mountain - at 7,500 feet elevation, and climbing.  

“How light can we make our LR-1000”?  We answered with this extreme mountain rifle. We use a light 2G contour barrel with ten flutes threaded to our lighter titanium action, fitted in the lightest version of our carbon fiber LR-1000 stock with a “swiss cheesed” Gunwerks bedding chassis. It's light! We’ve taken this model to the brink of the weight/performance trade off, but not so light that you can’t control the big cartridges needed for shooting beyond 1000 yards.  

This is the rifle you take to the top of the mountain after the biggest game. The MountainX(treme).

The System

To build a long range shooting system on the MountainX platform, add a scope and ballistic profiling. With the weight and balance of this rifle, the scope selection will influence the handling characteristics. The rifle will support the heavy 5.5-22 NXS, but configure it with the ultra light Leupold and you’ve created an extreme backcountry rig capable of half-mile marksmanship.

The Design

The MountainX was designed to be lightweight, but unlike many minimalist rifles, the engineering team was challenged to shed the weight without compromising shootability. The stock has our negative comb, cast off and toe out with a two inch wide forend - minimizing muzzle rise and felt recoil. We drop weight and keep balance with a fluted 2G barrel and Titanium action.

The Hunt

Climbing and Shooting. You just spent 10 days backpacking in and hunting without opportunity. It's last light on the last day, and you’ve stalked your game to the last ridge. The shot across the valley is over 800 yards. Do you want a gun built for climbing or shooting? WIth the MountainX, you get both - lightweight and shootability.

Ballistic Turret

In 2006, we created the first ballistic program that converted your real time shooting data into a graphical image that could be laser marked on an anodized scope turret. We’ve come a long ways since. Custom lasers and sophisticated tooling help us build ultra precise custom ballistic turrets.

GLR Action

Innovative features and world class design. Low throw ejection, twin plungers. Twin cocking helix, field strippable bolt, borden bumps and a one piece bolt handle. Titanium or 17R stainless steel in RH/LH and long or short action configurations.

The Rifle Barrel

The most important part of a precision rifle system. We use cut rifled stainless steel with five lands and grooves. The barrels are stress relieved and hand-lapped. The barrel contour defines so much of a rifles behaviour: weight, handling, felt recoil, on target follow through, muzzle rise, riding the bags. Gunwerks has nine different barrel contours from 1G to 9G.

Bedding Chassis

The other guys are still using plastic to fix machining errors. We don’t bed our rifles. Our bedding chassis is machined to precisely secure the action in a V rail configuration, and when combined with the integral recoil lug on the GLR action it creates the most stable platform available.

Bottom Metal

We didn’t make just another bottom metal. The entire concept was redesigned. The interlocking floorplate, wide lever and leaf spring create the most positive retention possible. Our bottom metal has integral pillars for perfect fitment to the bedding chassis.

Matched Ammunition

If you want to shoot long range, the requirements to achieve precision at 1000 yards are high. True, precision, long range ammo is vastly different from mass produced product. We use only temperature stable and hand weighed powder charges to minimize the vertical errors that you can only see at extreme range.


3-D modeling allows us to conceptualize a design and prove fit and function before we cut the first chip. A perfect solid model turns into prints and CNC programs. CNC programs cut parts, prints help us inspect and control quantity.  Each part fits correctly -- the engineered system.

Image Gallery

Video Gallery

The Nevada Mule Deer Challenge | Full Episode

Jeremy Winters heads to Nevada looking for a great mule deer

Full Episode of Long Ragne Pursuit.


Gunwerks GLR Action | Behind the Design

Discover the intricate details that seperate the GLR action from any other remington style action on the market.

Gunwerks LR 1000 Stock | Behind the Design

The Gunwerks Stock design is a key part of the system that reduces and combats recoil. The design also accomodates a smooth, linear, repeatable track shot after shot. 

What Our Customers Think

(5 out of 5)

I took the shot with confidence!

Just began hunting with my new MountainX rifle. The Gunwerks staff helped me pick out the gun and setup that fit my needs perfectly. The rifle came to me in flawless condition, dialed in, and ready to hunt. First trip with the rifle was for Pronghorn. Once the right antelope was spotted I quickly made the range adjustment from the BR2 rangefinder. Took the shot with confidence and got the results I was expecting!

- Brian Thompson

(5 out of 5)

Somewhere in Northern Nevada

My newly minted and broken in Gunwerks MountainX 7LRM was the perfect compliment to completing my Grand Slam. Light in the pack enabling me to keep my hands free during the 2 hour assault- stalk up the steep loose rock/Boulder mountain. 3/4 of the way up we thought the band of Rams had busted us. I dialed my Night Force scope out to the back of the bowl that they would have run to and waited-with confidence. They didn't spook and we were able to close into 150 yards. I was kneeling behind a boulder with my rain gear stuff sack on top of the rock as a rest. In the band of 6 beautiful Rams stood this Heavy, old Cali that dominantly stood out from the rest. His heart/lung target area was protected by a rock Boulder like an armored plate. He and I stared each other down for over 7 minutes like the final scene in The Good The Bad and The Ugly. He finally got bored with me and began slowly walking away. I paused long enough to make sure no other ram could take the hit. Breath in -breath out -breath in hold it release/SEND IT.
Slam Completed.

- John Dickerson

(5 out of 5)

My Gunwerks Experience

I met Mike and Aaron at the FNAS show in Reno Nv in 2010. Both Mike and Aaron helped me through the process to make sure I got the rifle I wanted, a 7MM LRM and it is a incredible gun. After receiving my new rifle, I attended all three levels of the Gunwerks shooting school and did my best to learn about my rifle and how a bullet travels through the air. The thing that I want to share with all of you, is that here in Nevada, a bull elk tag is a very coveted tag. As luck would have it, my youngest daughter drew this tag on her first try. Up until now, Ashlee has been busy teaching school and raising two boys, so now it is time to try to teach Ashlee how to shoot and how to shoot well past a couple hundred yards. I believe in the Gunwerks program but I was not sure how well this was going to work for someone who had shot a rifle very little. I am here to tell you that I am amazed with the results. Last Saturday, Ashlee shot a three shot 2 ½ inch group at 725 yards with my 7 MM LRM. Plain and simple, the package that the Gunwerks team have put together works and works well. As you can tell, I am proud of my rifle and more proud of Ashlee. The other part about the story that is equally important that you need to know is that Aaron, Mike, crew and family are dedicated, hard working, fair and above all, honest people. I would challenge anyone to find a team that will try harder to put a quality system in your hands. Oh yeah, I have my second rifle, a 6.5 284 and will soon order a 30 cal!

- Alton Anker

(5 out of 5)

Thanks For Building Such a Great Product

- Top Philley

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MountainX Rifle Only

Weight: 6.60-6.75 lbs | 2.99-3.06 kg
Length: 44.7 in | 113.5 cm
Barrel Length: 2G 24.0 in | 61.0 cm
Std Length of Pull: 13.7 in | 34.8 cm

Barrel | Fluted 2G

Caliber | See Full List Below

Muzzle Brake | Radial or Directional

Action Material | Titanium

Stock and Metal Finish Color | See Chart

Right or Left Hand


Material: Carbon Fiber Shell | Epoxy Filler
Weight: 1.70 lbs | 0.77 kg - with Chassis 2.00 lbs | 0.91 kg
Length: 31.3 in | 79.4 cm

Aluminum Chasis

Negative Comb

Decelerator Recoil Pad

Flush Cup Swivels

Pic Rail Bipod Mount

GLR Action


Titanium - 0.71 lbs | 0.32 kg


LA 8.9 in | 22.7 cm

SA 8.1 in | 20.6 cm


LA/SA 1.350 in | 3.43 cm



Magazine Length:

LA 3.83 in | 9.7 cm

SA 3.00 in | 7.6 cm

Magazine Capacity: 3 RUM, 4 Mag, 5 Std

Integral Lug

Pinned Scope Base

Side Bolt Release

Lowered Ejection Port

Extended Magazine Length


Bolt Material: 4140 Chrome Moly
Bolt Diameter:

LA/SA 0.700 in | 1.78 cm

Firing Pin Material: A2 Tool Steel
Spring Material: Chrome Vanadium
Finish: NP3 Electroless Nickel

Borden Bumps

Asymetrical Fluting

20 Degree Extractor

Double Plunger Ejectors

Twin Cocking Cams

Bolt Stripping by Hand


Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Weight: 7mm 2G 2.50 lbs | 1.13 kg - Fluted 2.40 lbs | 1.08 kg 
Length: 24.0 in | 61.0 cm
Shank Diameter: 1.25 in | 3.18 cm
Muzzle Diameter: 2G 0.60 in | 1.52 cm
Muzzle Thread: 2G 1/2-28
Finish: Cerakote
Contour: Stainless Steel | 2G

6mm    7.0 in | 17.8 cm

6.5mm     7.5 in | 19.0 cm

7mm     8.0 in | 20.3 cm

30 cal     9.0 in | 22.9 cm

338 cal  9.4 in | 23.9 cm


5R Rifling

Hand Lapped

Thread Protector



Weight: 1.5-4.0 lbs | 0.7-1.8 kg

External Weight Adjustment

Click per Ounce Adjustment

Rolling Friction Sear Engaugement

Muzzle Brake

Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Length: 2G Radial 1.18 in | 3.0 cm - Directional 1.87 in | 4.7 cm

2G Radial 0.60 in | 1.5 cm - Directional 0.70 in | 1.8 cm

Weight: 2G Radial 0.040 lbs | 0.018 kg - Directional 0.122 lbs | 0.055 kg
Finish: Cerakote
Number of Ports: Radial 6 - Directional 4
Port Direction:

Radial 0-360 Degrees 

Directional 90 and 270 Degrees

Recoil Reduction Radial 30% - Directional 40%
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Designed to work as one

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We pay attention to every detail

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Unmatched in the gun industry

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