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The Magnus-Gen II Takes on a Whole New Meaning

Long range hunting and shooting has pushed the boundaries of equipment performance. The industry has moved past repurposing production rifles. The consumer is educated and willing to pay for products with special performance. With the second generation Magnus design, we significantly improved from previous models, lighter, stronger and with additional features and adjustability. The ultimate do-all stock for long range hunting and shooting.

The System

Putting a six inch group on the bullseye at 1200 yards is no easy task. Even if the shooter does his part, the equipment has to be perfect. The rifle has to be capable of precision groups. The scope has to be mounted correctly with a system that won’t move. The scope needs to adjust accurately, and the ballistic parameters of bullet BC and muzzle velocity determined by actual long range shooting. A configured Magnus from Gunwerks is ready to go, out of the box.

The Design

In 2006, we developed the first Gunwerks rifle stock - the LR1000. Our first effort at deviating from traditional American hunting stock geometry. The negative comb reduces muzzle lift and felt recoil. In 2013 we chased toe line geometry designed to flatten the recoil impulse and keep the shooter on the target for faster and more accurate follow-through - the original Magnus was born. The new Magnus stock has a grip angle and length perfectly suited to prone and sitting shooting, while the forend width and profile is suitable for bipod or bag support.

The Shot

Long Range Hunting is a never ending cycle of education, practice, and development. There is no limit or boundary, but as we pass 1000 yards, more distance requires exponentially more skill. The equipment is no exception. The Magnus can be set up for the backpack hunt, or in its heaviest configuration, the perfect Sendero rifle or tactical competition platform.

Ballistic Turret

Just Dial and Shoot. Its the easiest way to shoot long range--and we pioneered and perfected the technology. Each turret is customized to your rifle's exact ballistics after we shoot it out to 1000 yards!

GLR Action

We’ve redesigned the cocking, closing, and extraction cams in the action to provide a perfect cartridge feeding and ejection cycle. In fact, we added a second cocking cam to balance the load and offer the lightest and smoothest bolt lift possible.

The Magnus Stock

Straight Lines, Straight Recoil, and Straight Shooting. Break away from the classic Mcmillan A series and copies, and try a shooting experience that is truly revolutionary.

Bedding Chassis

The other guys are still using plastic to fix machining errors. We don’t bed our rifles. Our bedding chassis is machined to precisely secure the action in a V rail configuration, and when combined with the integral recoil lug on the GLR action it creates the most stable platform available.

Bottom Metal

We didn’t just make another bottom metal. The entire concept was redesigned. The interlocking floorplate, wide lever and leaf spring create the most positive retention possible. Our bottom metal has integral pillars for perfect fitment to the bedding chassis.

LR Ammunition

The Magnus is intended to be the perfect platform for Ultra Long Range. Our magazine box allows a loaded cartridge length of 3.80 inches. The Ultra Mag cartridges or the massive 338 Lapua loaded with the longest VLD bullets, easily fit with room to spare.

CNC Machining allows perfect fit between products. For example, we have over 36,000 different rifle configurations, each potentially requiring a unique inletting program for the rifle stock. Our system builds a custom program for each inlet, some with over 60,000 lines of CNC code!  

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Video Gallery

Bull Elk at 1080 Yards | Looking Close at the shot

See Mike take an Elk at 1080 yards


Discover the intricate details that seperate the GLR action from any other remington style action on the market.


We’re pleased to announce three all new stock designs featuring our signature design geometry. Each stock serves as the platform for a unique precision shooting system. Each stock comes in an advanced aerospace-grade carbon fiber, or a more affordable fiberglass option.

Learn more at:

What Our Customers Think

(5 out of 5)

One Of The Finest Systems I've Ever Used

"The Gunwerks shooting platform is one of the finest systems I've ever used. It has made me confident that when presented the golden opportunity on big hunts that I can make the shot count. I started shooting the Magnus this year in 6.5x284 Norma and I am blown away by the performance, the craftsmanship and beauty of the rifle. I am a Gunwerks customer for life!"

- Chad Hall-Host of Sheep Shape

(5 out of 5)

My New Magnus

Just got my new Magnus rifle in 6.5/284 and it is awesome! It looks good, stock fits me perfect and it shoots good too. I checked zero at 500 yds. adjusted elevation 1/2 MOA and shot 850 yds. with no problem. This is my fourth Gunwerks rifle so all of this was no surprise.

- Terry Fricks

(5 out of 5)

Incredible Kill Shots

How high should I hold over for longer range shots? I have owned many hunting rifles though out my hunting career that all suffered that same issue. After attending the long range shooting school you really get to see all the innovation put into the Gunwerks system that make it so simple to use. I have the 300RUM Magnus and have made some incredible kills shots up to 900 yards. When I had the basics of set up, ranging and windage shooting at long range became a simple task. My best kill was made at 890 yards on a Red Hartebeest. Gunwerks gets a 5 star rating for being that simple.

- Trevor Kruger

(5 out of 5)

Gunwerks Junkie

I attended the Gunwerks Level One class and was amazed with the level of training, quality of instruction and knowledge gained from the class plus the use of Gunwerks 6.5 Creedmoor rifles in the range training.

At the completion of our class both my son and I immediately ordered the new Magnus in 6.5x284. I received my rifle on Wednesday and was at the range three days later. Added a new 6.5 profile in my BR2 from the supplied ballistic data. Checked zero at 200 yards w/ less than a MOA adjustment then moved out hitting targets on the 600 yard range all within less than one box of shells- Amazing!! Along w/ some more practice, I am confident this rifle will do well at 1,000 yards. I am looking forward to shooting the new Magnus next month at my up coming Level Two class.

GREAT job to everyone at Gunwerks for a professional job well done from the point of sale, delivery, quality of staff to the outstanding finished product. I am totally impressed and proud to own the new Magnus, I will highly recommend it to others. Also thank you Gunwerks for the constant dedication, passion and everything you guys do everyday to educate and promote the art of our long range shooting sport.

I am now a Gunwerks Junkie:
Ron Holleyhead, Houston, TX

- Ron Holleyhead

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We’re excited about the updated combination of design geometry and features. With the ultra light Carbon Fiber construction and configurable CNC inletting, this stock is at home on a mountain tactical or ELR rig. The Gen II Magnus features our new adjustable recoil pad hardware and our game changing flush-mount bipod rail.

• Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Composite (Basic Fiberglass Option)
• Flush-Mount Bipod Rail
• Fully Adjustable Gunwerks Recoil Pad
• Spacer System for LOP Adjustments
• Integrated Flush Cup QD Sling Mounts
• Aluminum Bedding Block
• Min. Stock Weight: 2.3 lbs. - Max Stock Weight: 2.9 lbs.

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Designed to work as one

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We pay attention to every detail

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Unmatched in the gun industry

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