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Lead time on this rifle: 120 Days

The LR1000

The LR1000 draws heritage from our original concept of the perfect all around rifle. Back then we set the industry on a new course, by defining the long range shooting system. Basically, we combine rifle, ammunition, rifle scope, ballistic matched turret, and ballistic rangefinder in a shooting system for any shot. With our efforts, setting up the system, breaking in the barrel, validating accuracy and precision, and measuring the long range performance of the projectile to develop the True Ballistic Profile, we can truly deliver "1000 Yards Out Of The Box"!

After ten years, the LR1000 still offers features and functionality that is unmatched by our competitors. The secret is in the engineered design of the components and system. Instead of bolting together the components everyone else uses, we design and manufacture unique parts that are only available through Gunwerks. When you combine these parts in a proven system, with each rifle tested to 1000 yards, you can expect the out-of-the-box performance Gunwerks is renowned for.

The System

Gunwerks Rifles are designed to be one part of a shooting system. With a complete configuration, you will add a scope, ammunition, a ballistic rangefinder and the finishing services of break-in, accuracy validation, and long range ballistic profiling. A matched ballistic turret for your individual rifle is the final component of a Gunwerks Long Range Shooting System.

The Design

The LR1000 rifle system was designed to function in a wide array of applications - from target shooting to big game hunting. The stock is the defining feature. The profile allows precision prone shooting and quick mounting for offhand shots, while maintaining the classic american style. The barrel coutours are selected to provide the appropriate balance while handling, and minimize muzzle rise under recoil.

The Hunt

The LR1000 model is the most versatile and configurable of all Gunwerks rifles. In its light configuration featuring carbon fiber, titanium and barrel fluting, it can be your all mountain rifle and still perform in a bean field application. In its heavy configuration, the LR1000 is the most shootable long range rifle on the market - steady, low recoil, faster target acqusition. Any game, any terrain - 1000 yards and beyond.

Ballistic Matched Turret

Just Dial and Shoot. Its the easiest way to shoot long range--and we pioneered and perfected the technology. Each turret is customized to your rifle's exact ballistics after we shoot it out to 1000 yards!

GLR Action

Innovative features and world class design. Low throw ejection, twin plungers. Twin cocking helix, field strippable bolt, borden bumps and a one piece bolt handle. Titanium or 17R stainless steel in RH/LH and long or short action configurations.

Bedding Chassis

The other guys are still using plastic to fix machining errors. We don’t bed our rifles. Our bedding chassis is machined to precisely secure the action in a v rail configuration, and when combined with the integral recoil lug on the GLR action it creates the most stable platform available.

Bottom Metal

We didn’t make just another bottom metal. The entire concept was redesigned. The interlocking floorplate, wide lever and leaf spring create the most positive retention possible. Our bottom metal has integral pillars for perfect fitment to the bedding chassis.

Rifle Stock

LR1000 Stock: Our unique negative comb provides a better anchor, less felt recoil, and less muzzle rise than every other long range rifle stock on the market. The grip accommodates standing, sitting and prone hand positions, and the two inch wide forend is perfect for bipods, bags, and backpacks. The quintessential long range hunting stock.

Matched Ammunition

Each rifle is built to shoot our handloaded precision long range ammunition. Consistency and components are the defining elements of our ammunition. Temperature stable and hand weighed powder charges minimize vertical errors, and the new ELD-X bullets from Hornady shoot farther with less wind deflection and better terminal performance than any of the competition.

CNC MFG/ Engineering

Long range shooting requires precision. Our Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Control Process gives us a distinct advantage over the small boutique rifle builder. We can give our customers a better product.

Image Gallery

Video Gallery

Long Range University | Level One

Learn the basics of long range hunting and shooting in this initial course.


Gunwerks LR1000 Stock | Behind the Design

The Gunwerks Stock design is a key part of the system that reduces and combats recoil. The design also accomodates a smooth, linear, repeatable track, shot after shot.

Gunwerks GLR Action | Behind the Design

Discover the intricate details that seperate the GLR action from any other Remington style action on the market.

What Our Customers Think

(5 out of 5)

So Good You'd Think It Was Cheating

I bought the LR1000 package, that alone and, with a little practice, I had no problem shooting consistent at 4-5 hundred yards with the same confidence as shooting at 200 yards. This package system was created to give you all the hardware you'll need to shoot long range accurately. Now add the shooting classes to the mix, and that gives you the software to shoot long range like you have never thought possible. Given the right conditions, I now have no problem taking ethical shots at 1000 yards. After the level 1&2 class at the Whittington Center I was ringing the buffalo's heart plate at 1100 with no problem, so much so that other shooters were coming up to me asking how I was doing that. Which lead to a shooting challenge of not missing any target in the steel range, 20 for 20 no problem with a turkey silhouette head shot. The equipment and school are top notch hands down SOLID!!!!

- Duane Ting

(5 out of 5)

One Stop Shopping!

One Stop Shopping!

Gunwerks builds an amazing shooting system! Hands down the best I've tried! I have built a few custom rifles over the years and I've ended up selling all of them. I know I can always count on my LR1000 7LRM to shoot with amazing accuracy! Gunwerks customer service has always been fast and friendly and they've always made me feel like I'm their only customer. With the help of my BR2 rangefinder it takes all of the guessing out of the equation. I know that when I pull the trigger I've made the right adjustments to make an ethical shot. Thanks for helping me make my dreams a reality. I don't need to go anywhere else, and certainly won't find a better shooting system anywhere!

- Jeff Herbert

(5 out of 5)

Prized Weapon!

I have used my Gunwerks rifle for the last 5 hunting seasons. It has been used from Mexico to Alaska and harvested animals ranging in size from Pronghorn Antelope to Alaskan Moose. I have complete confidence in my rifle! It has performed exactly as promised on every single occasion. I have harvested elk as close as 80 yards in the Arizona pines and Desert Bighorn Sheep as far away as 576 yards in the deserts of Mexico. My Gunwerks rifle and G7 BR2 range finder have done the job at close range, long range and everywhere in-between. My Gunwerks rifle is easily the most prized weapon in my gun safe!

- Trent B. Hartley

(5 out of 5)

Absolutely amazing!

Gunwerks built me an LR-1000 in 300WM with carbon barrel, titanium action, and Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50mm (with custom BDC turret). It is awesome! I just took it to the range for the first time and took 50 shots. Shots were taken at 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, and 450 yards. Each and every shot rang steel. Worth every penny!

- Philip Wasem

(5 out of 5)

Great Company with Small Town Values

I have the 7LRM and 50 Cal Muzzleloader, wouldn't trade either one for any gun. The guns shoot great and perform just like promised, what impresses me the most is the service after the purchase! I can not say enough about Mike and his crew when it comes to answering questions and taking care of anything that may pop up. The guns are great but the service is priceless...fine job fellas pleasure doing business with you.

- Dustin Damon

(5 out of 5)

Best Long Range or Hunting Package Out There - Period

Confidence. That's what it takes to make the shot. There is no better shooting platform than Gunwerks. I own 4 of these rifles in various calibers and looking at ordering a 5th. I've gone thru Level I and II classes and they are top notch. Simple and easy to understand. Excellent information that made me an instantly better shooter and increased my confidence 10 fold. I have owned several rifles in the last 25 years that were not Gunwerks. I've been selling them and investing in these rifles. I have a long range set up on my ranch and friends and family are amazed when they shoot these rifles and hit gongs at 300, 400, 750 and even 1000 yds. The reactions are priceless and more importantly, it's fun. Simply the best.

- Paul Treadwell

(5 out of 5)

Accuracy and Confidence

For today's serious big game hunter there is not a better shooting system available.
For me personally this is not about the ability to snipe game at extremely long range.
I bought my Gunwerks LR1000 because I have tried for years to find rifles that are REALLY accurate. Unfortunately I have found that mass produced firearms are not what I needed to make me confident if my once in a lifetime trophy is at a distance outside of my normal shooting ability. I will continue to " hunt" fair chase and get as close as I can to my game.
Having said that, I spent the last ten years hunting Alaska and now I live and work in Wyoming. I know that in these wide open mountainous states that the opportunity exsists where that once in a lifetime trophy is going to be at a range outside my norm., and in a location where I honestly cannot get closer.
Aaron Davidson and the Gunwerks team have built a shooting system that gives me the confidence to cleanly and humanely make a kill shot on an animal in a situation as I just described.
I can easily shoot footballs at 750 yards., and have been practicing on targets at 900. This Gunwerks system is beyond belief. Stop wasting your money. Invest in a Gunwerks shooting system today and discover what REAL accuracy is right out of the box!!!!

- John Carroll

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LR1000 Rifle Only

Weight: 7.35-7.55 lbs | 3.33-3.42 kg
Length: 45.7 in | 116.1 cm
Barrel Length: 3G 25.0 in | 63.5 cm - 8G 24.0 in | 61.0 cm
Std Length of Pull: 13.7 in | 34.8 cm

Barrel | Carbon Fiber 8G, Fluted 3G, Standard 3G

Caliber | See Full List Below

Muzzle Brake | Radial or Directional

Action Material | Stainless Steel or Titanium

Stock and Metal Finish Color | See Chart

Right or Left Hand


Material: Carbon Fiber Shell | Epoxy Filler
Weight: 1.7 lbs | 0.77 kg - with Chassis 2.0 lbs | 0.91 kg
Length: 31.3 in | 79.4 cm

Aluminum Chasis

Negative Comb

Decelerator Recoil Pad

Flush Cup Swivels

Pic Rail Bipod Mount

GLR Action


17R Stainless Steel - 1.05 lbs | 0.48 kg

Titanium - 0.65 lbs | 0.29 kg


LA 8.95 in | 22.7 cm

SA 8.10 in | 20.6 cm

LAP 9.26 in | 23.5 cm


LA/SA 1.35 in | 3.43 cm

LAP 1.4 in | 3.56 cm



Magazine Length:

LA 3.83 in | 9.7 cm

SA 3.00 in | 7.6 cm

LAP 3.85 | 9.8 cm

Magazine Capacity: 3 RUM, 4 Mag, 5 Std

Integral Lug

Pinned Scope Base

Side Bolt Release

Lowered Ejection Port

Extended Magazine Length


Bolt Material: 4140 Chrome Moly
Bolt Diameter:

LA/SA 0.700 in | 1.78 cm

LAP 0.750 in | 1.91

Firing Pin Material: A2 Tool Steel
Spring Material: Chrome Vanadium
Finish: NP3 Electroless Nickel

Borden Bumps

Asymetrical Fluting

20 Degree Extractor

Double Plunger Ejectors

Twin Cocking Cams

Bolt Stripping by Hand


Material: 416 Stainless Steel

7mm 3G 3.15 lbs | 1.43 kg - Fluted 3.00 lbs | 1.36 kg

7mm 8G 2.70 lbs | 1.22 kg 

Length: 3G 25.0 in | 63.5 cm - 8G 24.0 in | 61.0 cm
Shank Diameter: 1.25 in | 3.18 cm
Muzzle Diameter: 3G 0.65 in | 1.65 cm - 8G 0.820 in | 2.08 cm
Muzzle Thread: 3G 1/2-28 - 8G 5/8-24
Finish: Cerakote
Contour: Stainless Steel | 3G - Carbon Wrap | 8G

6mm    7.0 in | 17.8 cm

6.5mm     7.5 in | 19.0 cm

7mm     8.0 in | 20.3 cm

30 cal     9.0 in | 22.9 cm

338 cal  9.4 in | 23.9 cm


5R Rifling

Hand Lapped

Thread Protector



Weight: 1.5-4.0 lbs | 0.7-1.8 kg

External Weight Adjustment

Click per Ounce Adjustment

Rolling Friction Sear Engaugement

Muzzle Brake

Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Length: Radial 1.18 in | 3.0 cm - Directional 1.87 in | 4.7 cm

3G Radial 0.65 in | 1.7 cm - Directional 0.70 in | 1.8 cm

8G Radial 0.80 in | 2.0 cm - Directional 0.85 in | 2.2 cm


3G Radial 0.041 lbs | 0.019 kg - Directional 0.122 lbs | 0.055 kg

8G Radial 0.093 lbs | 0.042 kg - Directional 0.137 lbs | 0.062 kg

Finish: Cerakote
Number of Ports: Radial 6 - Directional 4
Port Direction:

Radial 0-360 Degrees 

Directional 90 and 270 Degrees

Recoil Reduction Radial 30% - Directional 40%
Full Specs


Designed to work as one

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We pay attention to every detail

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Unmatched in the gun industry

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