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Our industry is fascinated with tiny little mountain rifles. As well as big rifle rigs that ding steel at 1200 yards! The ClymR was conceived as minimalist, mountain-mission ready long range capable platform.

The System

Gunwerks Rifles are designed to be one part of a shooting system. With a complete configuration, you will add a scope, ammunition, a ballistic rangefinder and the finishing services of break-in, accuracy validation, and long range ballistic profiling. A matched ballistic turret for your individual rifle is the final component of a Gunwerks Long Range Shooting System.

The Design

Striking the right balance has always been the engineering dilemma. To achieve the product behavior we envisioned for the ClymR rifle stock, we needed to focus on our performance dimensions. The negative comb reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil. The forend length is optimized for 18-22 inch barrel length.The grip shape is uniquely adaptable for all shooting positions.

The Shot

Ultra long range. Ultra lightweight. One mile shot. The ClymR has capability. It is designed to be your ultimate mountain hunting rifle. Five miles into the back country, no problem!

Ballistic Matched Turret

Just Dial and Shoot. Its the easiest way to shoot long range--and we pioneered and perfected the technology. Each turret is customized to your rifle's exact ballistics after we shoot it out to 1000 yards!

GLR Action

Innovative features and world class design. Low throw ejection, twin plungers. Twin cocking helix, field strippable bolt, borden bumps and a one piece bolt handle. Titanium or 17R stainless steel in RH/LH and long or short action configurations.

Bedding Chassis

The other guys are still using plastic to fix machining errors. We don’t bed our rifles. Our bedding chassis is machined to precisely secure the action in a v rail configuration, and when combined with the integral recoil lug on the GLR action it creates the most stable platform available.

Bottom Metal

We didn’t make just another bottom metal. The entire concept was redesigned. The interlocking floorplate, wide lever and leaf spring create the most positive retention possible. Our bottom metal has integral pillars for perfect fitment to the bedding chassis.

Matched Ammunition

Each rifle is built to shoot our handloaded precision long range ammunition. Consistency and components are the defining elements of our ammunition. Temperature stable and hand weighed powder charges minimize vertical errors, and the new ELD-M bullets from Hornady shoot farther with less wind deflection and better terminal performance than any of the competition.

CNC MFG/ Engineering

Long range shooting requires precision. Our Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Control Process gives us a distinct advantage over the small boutique rifle builder. We can give our customers a better product.

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Long Range University | Level One

Learn the basics of long range hunting and shooting in this initial course.


We've redefined the rifle stock.

3 NEW stocks to choose from in 2018! Our plan is to offer them for sale as individual components by the end of the year.

Gunwerks GLR Action | Behind the Design

Discover the intricate details that seperate the GLR action from any other Remington style action on the market.

What Our Customers Think

(5 out of 5)

Great Company with Small Town Values

I have the 7LRM and 50 Cal Muzzleloader, wouldn't trade either one for any gun. The guns shoot great and perform just like promised, what impresses me the most is the service after the purchase! I can not say enough about Mike and his crew when it comes to answering questions and taking care of anything that may pop up. The guns are great but the service is priceless...fine job fellas pleasure doing business with you.

- Dustin Damon

(5 out of 5)

Best Long Range or Hunting Package Out There - Period

Confidence. That's what it takes to make the shot. There is no better shooting platform than Gunwerks. I own 4 of these rifles in various calibers and looking at ordering a 5th. I've gone thru Level I and II classes and they are top notch. Simple and easy to understand. Excellent information that made me an instantly better shooter and increased my confidence 10 fold. I have owned several rifles in the last 25 years that were not Gunwerks. I've been selling them and investing in these rifles. I have a long range set up on my ranch and friends and family are amazed when they shoot these rifles and hit gongs at 300, 400, 750 and even 1000 yds. The reactions are priceless and more importantly, it's fun. Simply the best.

- Paul Treadwell



 The ClymR features the perfect combination of Gunwerks technologies for the mountain hunter. Our new Carbon Fiber manufacturing processes combined with the ClymR design geometry sets a new standard for ultralight mountain rifles.

• Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Composite (Basic Fiberglass Option)
• Flush-Mount Bipod Rail
• Gunwerks Recoil Pad
• Spacer System for LOP Adjustments
• Integrated Flush Cup QD Sling Mounts
• Aluminum Bedding Block
• Min. Stock Weight: 1.85 lbs. - Max Stock Weight: 2.35 lbs.

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