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G7 BR2 Ballistic Rangefinder

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Product Overview

How do you improve the best piece of gear for long range shooting? First, tighten up the beam divergence and tune up the software to get better target discrimination and detection at extreme ranges. Then redesign the programming menu to simplify in-the-field updates to any of the five customizable ballistic profiles; and finally, add MRAD units to existing MOA and BDC outputs to create a complete ballistic solver for drop and wind.

Press one button and the G7 BR2 measures range, pressure, temperature, and incline to calculate a drop and wind solution based on your programmed Ballistic Coefficient (G1 or G7), Muzzle Velocity, Sight Height and Zero Range. Use the MOA or MRAD outputs with any scope’s adjustments to dial-in the angular solution. In BDC mode, compatible with ballistic reticles and BDC turrets which are calibrated to a fixed temperature and altitude, the BR2 will calculate a corrected solution automatically adjusted for varying conditions- just dial your BDC turret to the displayed Shoot-To-Range. You will never need to swap out your turret again.

The G7 BR2 is the world's first rangefinder with an on-board ballistic solver for precise real-time drop and wind calculations out to 1400 yards. The BR2 is accurate to the nearest 0.1 MOA! Using a device that only provides a preconfigured-table lookup solution in 1.0 MOA increments, without wind correction, is not an option for shooting at 1000 yards and beyond.

For tough ranging conditions in rain, snow, or bright sunlight, selectable targeting modes allow you to detect and display the distance for Nearest, Farthest or Strongest targets out to the maximum range of 2500 yards.


  • On-board ballistic solver
  • Rugged, durable housing with rubberized armor
  • Drop solutions in MOA, MRAD and BDC
  • Improved ranging and targeting algorithms, perfected for handheld and field use
  • NEW! Tighter beam divergence for more precise ranging
  • Real-time compensation for wind, angle, temperature and altitude (pressure)
  • 5 Custom programmable profiles unique to your cartridge and firearm
  • In-the-field programmability
  • Made in the USA


  • Includes: Rangefinder, Soft case, lanyard and owner's manual
  • 2,500-yd. maximum range
  • 7X magnification 
  • Beam Divergence 1.5x3.0 MRAD
  • Powered by one CR123 battery (included)
  • Rugged weatherproof housing with GORE-TEX® membrane
  • Weight: 14.4oz
  • Dimensions: 5.2x4.5x2.1in

Differences of note vs SIG Kilo 2400:

  • Output: Angle only (SIG) vs Shoot to range or Angle (G7)
  • Programming: App only programming (SIG) vs Program on device (G7)
  • Tuning: tuned for steel and reflective targets (SIG) vs tuned for hunting targets, and hunting conditions (G7)
  • Beam Divergence and Algorithms: Tuned for use on tripod (SIG) vs tuned for field and handheld use (G7)
  • Laser: Class 3R (SIG) vs Class 1 eyesafe (G7)
(5 out of 5)

A must have for long range shooting

Excellent tool for any type of shooting. A must have for long range shooting. I have found this device to be very accurate for computing a ballistic solution. Once you get it programmed correctly it is money. i'd give it a ten out of five rating.

- Wayne Albright

(5 out of 5)

I would highly recommend it

I have been shooting long range for 30 years. When I first started shooting we use laser rangefinders for surveying equipment to shoot with. There were no other pieces of equipment that were Dependable unless you were in the military. This range finder I found to be very precise and accurate. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and with the clarity and understanding that almost anyone from beginner to expert can use it. It's a great piece of equipment and I would highly recommend it to anyone with almost any shooting experience.

- Paul F. Taylor

(5 out of 5)

Get One!

I've been using this rangefinder for two elk seasons and like one of the other reviewers, I'd give it a 10 relative to the 5. It's just a confidence building gem! Get one...

- Ernest Carey

(5 out of 5)

This Device is Pure Genius

This is the most efficient way to gauge distance as well as BDC and MOA. Trust me when I say that this device has made my long range shooting a pleasure. I almost miss the compensation "dope" needed to complete long distance shots, however, this device is pure genius. Highly recommended.

- Malichai Scott Mcdowell

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