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Flatline Ops Strong Arm ACI Mount (requires Sniper and ACI items)

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Product Overview


Want to make your Flatline Ops ACCU/LEVEL™ even more precise? Just add the STRONG ARM™ mounting system. It mounts quickly and easily onto any ACCU/LEVEL™ with accessory dove tail, and positions your SNIPER TOOLS ADI/ACI for an unobstructed view of uphill and downhill trajectory angles.


Made of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, you will know why its called the STRONG ARM™. Each STRONG ARM™ is hard anodized with a military spec finish and boasts all stainless steel hardware.

  • STRONG ARM™ is interchangeable with any size articulating ACCU/LEVEL™. If you have multiple firearms with different ACCU/LEVEL™ sizes, you can move one STRONG ARM™ and ADI/ACI between them all.
  • Installation tool included
  • Fits all articulating ACCU/LEVEL™


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