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Gseven 1x24 NXS Zstop .250 MOA-G7

$1,300.00 $700.00
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Product Overview

We set out to create the ultimate tool for hunting in the trophy muzzle loader seasons offered throughout the country. In Utah, the muzzle loader season offers the best odds and success rates on the biggest mule deer and elk in the world. With a long range muzzle loader from Gunwerks, the biggest limitation in Utah’s muzzle loader season is optics. Open sights, or a non-magnifying 1X rifle scope are required. Other “one power” scopes seem to reduce the target size smaller than with the naked eye. This scope provides the same sight picture, so you don’t lose anything and can shoot with both eyes open. The best feature is the ability to accept a G7 Ballistic Turret that is calibrated in yards. Even without magnification, dialing the precise drop compensation allows very precise shooting well beyond your effective muzzle loader range. The Gunwerks muzzle loader will perform to 500 yards and beyond. We made sure that the adjustment range of the scope provides ample compensation for a ballistic calibration out to 500 yards in just one revolution of the Ballistic Turret. Like all rifle scopes built by Nightforce, this scope is tested tough. We fully guarantee point of impact stability and precise adjustments and tracking.

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Magnification: 1x

Objective Diameter: 24 mm

Exit Pupil Diameter: 16 mm @ 1x

Field Of View: 100ft @ 1x 25ft @4x 
                      30.5m @ 1x 7.6m @ 4x

Eye Relief: 3.5in (90mm)

Internal Adjustment Range: 100MOA elev. 100MOA wind.

Click Value: .250MOA

Tube Diameter: 30 mm (1.18in)

Ocular Diameter: 33 mm

Mounting Length: 5.4in

Weight: 17oz (1-4x)

Overall Length: 8.8in

Reticles: FC-2

Illumination: Standard

Zero Stop: Yes

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