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Gunwerks Muzzle Loader Service Kit

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Product Overview

The ultimate cleaning and maintenance kit for your Gunwerks muzzleloader. This kit contains everything you need to maintain and keep your Gunwerks muzzleloader in tip top shape. We've pulled together all the best components and supplies that we know work well from years of maintaining our own muzzleloaders. No muzzy should go without it! Kit includes:

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Muzzleloader Cleaning Solvent
  • Montana X-Treme .50 Cal Cleaning Jag for Rifles
  • Montana X-Treme .50 Cal Nylon Bristle Brush for Rifles
  • Montana X-Treme 2 1/2" Round Patches (.45-.58 Caliber)
  • Montana X-Treme Blackhorn 209 Solvent - 6 oz
  • Montana X-Treme Solvent and Oil Pipet Dispensers
  • Loctite 37616 Copper Anti-Seize Stick, 20-gram
  • Gauging drill bit #21 with handle (for cleaning carbon buildup from breech plug)
  • Gauging drill bit #74 with handle (for cleaning carbon buildup from breech plug)

Breech Plug Installation/Removal Tools:

  • Hex L-Key 5/32" Size, 4-7/16" Overall Length
  • 3/8 in. Drive Quick Release Teardrop Ratchet
  • 10 in. Extension Bar, 3/8 in. Drive
  • 3/8 in., 8 pt. STD Socket, 3/8 in. drive


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