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Nightforce Scope Mounting Tool Kit

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Product Overview

The Nightforce Professional Tool Kit includes three torque limiters (25, 68 and 100 inch-lbs.), a 2-10 inch-lbs. driver, ratchet driver handle, square drive socket and four different ¼” drive bits (1/16”, 5/64”, T6 and T15) neatly packaged in a rugged, zippered case. Tightening screws to the recommended torque settings is essential when mounting a riflescope or making adjustments on the scope itself. Over-tightening can damage the screws and create stresses on the riflescope that can negatively affect accuracy and, in severe cases, damage the riflescope itself. Under-tightening can leave riflescopes subject to recoil and movement which will also make accurate shooting impossible.


  • 3 torque limiters (25, 68 and 100 inch-lbs.)
  • 2-10 inch-lbs. driver
  • Ratchet driver handle
  • Square drive socket
  • Four different ¼” drive bits (1/16”, 5/64”, T6 and T15)
  • Rugged, zippered case.

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