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Long Range Magazine One Year Subscription 4 Issues

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Product Overview

Long Range Magazine is a publication dedicated to the advancement of Long Range Hunting and shooting. It's pages are filled with educational content written by a wide variety of seasoned long range experts. It also features stories of exceptional long Range hunts that have taken place around the world. All with the focus of fueling your passion for the long Range Revolution! The One Year Subscription includes 4 issues of Long Range Magazine delivered to your mailbox on a quarterly basis. Upon completion of your order you will be added to the subscriber list and you will receive your next issue when the next issue is printed. Given the educational nature of Long Range Magazine content we have made all of our back issues available for order through this web site.

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This purchase will get you 4 issues delivered to your mailbox each on a quarterly basis. Currently LRM is published on a quarterly basis. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

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