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Sept 27-28 Monster Lake Mayhem NRL Match - Cody, WY


Sept 27-28 L410 NRL Match Cody, WY


0/81 Seats Available

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Sept 24-28 - Competition Train-up & NRL Match - Cody, WY

10/20 Seats Available

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Product Overview

Match Director: Phillip Velayo

Cost: $300 (no refunds)

Dates: Sept 27-28

Registration: Opened June 28th

Round count will be 200  bring more to confirm zero, etc.

We have two completely different areas that will have their own unique challenges. Day one will be 10 stages conducted at Cody shooting complex which will be a fast paced square range style set up to close down the competition. There will be 10 field fire stages shot by everyone on day two at Monster Lake Ranch. Monster Lake provides a unique, 270 degree fire fan that allows for some incredible vistas and challenging shots. The entire COF will be within shouting distance which will provide high drama coming down to the last few stages to see who will pull off the win.

The highest round count stage will be 10. The only equipment restrictions are caliber and velocity. Calibers allowed for this match are .224 to .308. The speed limit is 3,200fps for all calibers. Your velocity may be verified from a lab radar or magneto speed at any time.  If your rifle is found to have velocity over 3200 FPS you will be automatically disqualified and will not receive a refund. There will be only one stage brief at the beginning of each day. You will start as a squad but move as an individual from stage to stage. The COF will be simple and if you have any questions your R/O will answer them before you are put on the clock. You will be able to watch and learn while the shooters from the shooters in front of you.

You may sell your slot to another person please keep me in the loop email


Sept 24-25th - (Optional) Long Range University Competition Trainup

For two days before the match there will be an OPTIONAL Gunwerks competition train-up held at the Gunwerks LRU range in Burlington. Here you will be able to brush up on your competition skills and have Philip as your personal instructor. Space is limited due to range capacity, so book early.


Thursday Sept 26th - Check-in and sight-in at the Cody Shooting Complex

8 AM - 4 PM registration/checking zero and data gathering on the 1,000yd range. No other stage areas can be viewed. Thursday is the only day you can check zero. 

5 PM - BBQ at the Gunwerks Manufacturing site followed by a tour.

You will receive the course of fire after you are finished shooting for the day.

No re entry outside of the 100yd zero range will be allowed after you receive the COF.


Friday Sept 27th - Day 1 at Cody Shooting Complex

7:00 AM Match Brief

8:00 AM Rounds down range

12:00 PM Lunch and water provided

5:00 PM Monster Lake Event (Corn Hole and BBQ)


Saturday Sept 28th - Day 2 at Monster Lake Ranch + Awards to follow

7:00 Match Brief

8:00 AM Rounds down Range

12:00 PM Lunch and water provided

6 PM Banquet & Awards

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