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L4 Mountain Shooting - Ensign Ranch, Utah


2019 Dates Coming Soon!


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Product Overview

Level 4 

The Graduate Course

  • Practical and Situational Shooting Techniques, using Round-Robin Stages, with Gunwerks Crew as your Personal Advisor
  • Advanced Shooting Compensation in a Variety of Positions and Scenarios  
  • Ultra Long Range Shooting Gear & Methods
  • Long Range Hunting Techniques
  • Angle Shooting, Cross Canyon, Crosswind, Headwind, Tailwind Compensation and Targets set up for you to See your Coriolis and Spindrift
  • This class is the capstone, bring your own gear and we will provide the environment and situations to stress test you and your kit.

Equipment to Bring

  • Long Range/Precision Rifle Weapon System (capable of shooting <1 MOA groups)
  • 200 rounds of match grade ammunition
  • Everything else you would take on a normal mountain hunt

 For Information on Class Locations:

(5 out of 5)


- James Mathisen

Where To Go

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