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L201 Advanced Long Range Shooting - Texas


Dec 8-9, 2017 - Level 2


3/12 Seats Available

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Product Overview

Price Includes Lodging and Food

Level 2 Long Range Ballistics

  • Understanding Wind - Methods for Reading Wind, Using your Optic Focus and Mirage, Natural Objects, Using the Wind Meter, Wind Corrections, Using Clock/Cosine for Wind Angles, Averaging the Wind, Effects of Terrain on Wind
  • Internal Ballistics - Ammunition, Barrel Harmonics, Chamber and Throat, Load Developement, Pressure Signs, Developing a Load using a Ladder Test
  • Field Shooting - Attain Proficiency with a field rest, Master the rear Support in Field Conditions, Good Spotting Techniques and Placement of Spotting Scope in Field Conditions, Two Point Support, Body Position for Field Positions, Proper Prone Supported using Bipod Correctly, Seated-Bag Supported, Kneeling Assisted, Sling Seated, using Rear Sticks and Shooting with Obstacles
  • Terminal Ballistics - Making The Kill Shot, Bullet Placement, Make an Adequate Wound Cavity, Understanding Your Target and its Skeletal Structure, Terminal Performance, Explore Bullet Construction, Bullet Efficiency, Dynamic Pressure, Shoulder Stabilization, Impact Velocity, Hydro Dynamic Threshold, Effect of Velocity variation on Wound Cavity
  • Field shooting Advanced Tactics - Shooting with Angles, Rangefinder Operations and Programing Your BR2 Rangefinder, Verifying Your Range finder, Advanced Compensation, Air Density, Incline, Spin Drift and Coriolis
  • Backup Systems - Ranging with Reticles, MOA and Mildot Formulas, Using a Dope Card, Long Range Field Shooting Check List, Ranging Unknown Targets with your Reticle and Wind Constants
  • Rifles and Ammunition are Included in L2

 For Information on Class Locations: Class Information

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