Skunkwerks The CUT Rifle System

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Action Model: GLR Ti "Cut"
Barrel Material: Carbon Wrap Barrel
Muzzle Brake: Directional Brake
Stock Material: Spread Tow Carbon
Elevation: 6000 ft
Temperature: 40 F
2nd Data Package: None


The CUT is the latest edition of the Skunkwerks series of purpose-built, limited run rifle systems by Gunwerks. Built with the singular, obsessive purpose of cutting every possible ounce from an already lightweight ClymR rifle system without compromising on performance. The CUT is the result of a massive R&D materials project sparing no expense to engineer a super-tuned mountain rifle that shoots like nothing else in its weight class. 

Our journey to achieve the goals set forth with The CUT quickly took us to new territory. Realizing our need to explore new, advanced materials, engineer new solutions to make weight and avoid compromise led to process, design and material breakthroughs that will serve as a springboard to launch future generations of Gunwerks rifle systems.

Key Features:

  • Caliber: 6.5 PRC or 7 SAUM

  • Weight: 6.5 Lbs (7 SAUM), 6.8 Lbs (6.5 PRC) with optic (20% weight savings over production ClymR)

  • Length: 40 3/4” @ 13.5" LOP

  • Barrel: 20" optimized contour carbon wrapped

  • Action: Skeletonized titanium GLR Action

  • Stock: Made with advanced spread tow carbon fiber

  • Scope: Custom Leupold VX6 HD with capped windage & removed illumination


Mountain Hunters are looking to save every ounce in their rifle platforms.  Understanding this need for weight savings without sacrificing performance, challenged the development team to optimize the remaining 10% of an already well developed and performance proven ClymR system. Here's how we "made The CUT".


The CUT is for mountain hunters  who need to cut weight without sacrificing performance on the mountain, allowing them to go farther, hunt harder, and ultimately harvest the mountain game of their dreams.


Titanium is flat out expensive. Raw material isn't cheap and it's difficult to machine. But it's also 46% lighter than steel for essentially the same performance. With The CUT we decided to replace all the steel we could with Titanium. That goes for the action, muzzle brake and even the screws and hardware. 


    Quite literally...Carbon fiber is simply the best material available to build a lightweight hunting stock. However, not all carbon fiber is made the same. Different raw materials, structures and resin systems produce vastly different results. If our standard carbon fiber stock is top shelf, this stuff is in another universe. With this and an improvement in fill weight, we achieved a 21% (5oz) weight savings on the stock alone.


    Carbon wrapping barrels doesn't usually save weight, but it provides a larger diameter barrel at similar weight to a traditional sporter weight barrel. That wasn't enough for this project, so we developed an entirely new barrel profile and removed excess barrel shank to cut every ounce possible without sacrificing performance. The result is a 20" small diameter carbon wrapped barrel that saves 12oz (30%) over the standard.


    We already offer a Titanium GLR action in the ClymR, which saves a full 7oz over steel. So how to make it lighter? Through sophisticated engineering FEA analysis, we were able to identify portions of material that could be removed from the action without compromising integrity or performance.  While we were at it, we designed a new bolt stop and removed material from the bolt body. The result is an additional 2oz savings over the original.


    Long range optics are heavy. One of the quickest ways to effect a rifle system's weight is with optic choice. Leupold's VX6 HD is one of the lightest long range capable options on the market. But in true Gunwerks style, we worked with them to cut even more, developing a custom model VX6 HD with capped windage, no illumination, and even removing the throw lever. Weight savings coming in at 8%.


    The easy way to reduce weight is pillar bedding. Pillar bedding can work, but doesn't produce the results that our CNC machined bedding blocks do. Using Magnesium instead of Aluminum in The CUT's bedding block allowed us to save an additional 33% over the already light Aluminum version.


    "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" - Aristotle
    As if it weren't enough, we found additional ways to cut weight in a cored out bolt handle, fluted firing pin, minimalist scope rings, aluminum flush cups, and a skeletonized butt pad adapter. 


    We didn't stop at just the rifle. Putting such a light rifle in huge, heavy hard case just seemed silly, so we put together a more compact, lighter, but still travel worthy (and airline approved) hard case just for The CUT. That also required new custom die cut foam with room for all your gear. Top it off with custom die cut Skunkwerks branded top foam for the complete package.