Lite SabR Rifle System

SOLD OUT A limited run of integrally suppressed, compact folding chassis rifles chambered in the heavy hitting 338 RCM. Light, wieldy, quick and deadly! The Lite SabR is as light as a ClymR and hits like a HAMR!


  • Gunwerks Lite SabR rifle system

  • Schmidt & Bender PMII 1.5-8x26 w/ laser etched turret

  • Integrally suppressed barrel (tax stamp required)

  • XLR Industries Element 3 Magnesium chassis with ARCA rail

  • XLR Industries 3D printed titanium grip 

  • 300 rounds of Hornady 225gr SST Superformance ammunition

  • Accurate Mag 5 round box magazine

  • Custom hard case with laser cut Skunkwerks artwork

  • Savior Equipment soft carry case (fits inside hard case)

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Titanium, Carbon and Magnesium

All the right materials for each component to achieve ultimate weight savings and performance! We start with a Titanium GLR action, and add a 3D printed titanium grip and titanium sleeved integrally suppressed barrel. The custom Element 3.0 chassis from XLR industries is machined from magnesium for ever bigger weight savings. To top it off, the folding stock is composed primarily of carbon fiber. The result is a suppressed rifle weight right around 7 pounds (8.5 lbs with optic).


The integrally suppressed barrel from Suppressed Weapon Systems is incredibly unique. Baffles and expansion chambers machined into the barrel provide the internal baffle structure of the suppressor. With a titanium sleeve slid over the entire system, the sound suppression is exceptional. Overall barrel length is 22 inches with 14 inches of rifling and 8 inches of suppressor machined into the barrel. Because the barrel has an integrated suppressor, a tax stamp is required. Order today and we'll work with your local suppressor dealer to get the proper paperwork started.


The total Lite SabR package extended is only 42 inches long, and only 33 inches folded - easy to strap to a pack or stow behind a truck seat! Most bolt rifles with suppressors end up a full foot longer.

Short game -> Long Game

The included Schmidt & Bender PMII 1.5-8x26 scope is equally capable for short range, quick work and long range shots out to approximately 900 yards with a single rotation of the turret. Night vision rails can be easily added to the chassis system for all the after-dark action you can handle.

338 WHAT?

The 338 RCM (Ruger Compact Magnum) packs a heavy punch for a short action cartridge, launching 225gr Hornady SST bullets nearly 2,500 feet per second, enough to be effective on game past 900 yards. The 338 RCM shares the same parent case (375 Ruger) with the new 6.5 & 300 PRC rounds as well as Gunwerks’ 7LRM case. Factory Hornady ammunition rounds out the package with 200 rounds included.


  • CALIBER: 338 RCM (Ruger Compact Magnum)
  • ACTION: Titanium Gunwerks GLR Action
  • STOCK: XLR Element 3.0 Magnesium Chassis
  • BARREL: Suppressed Weapon Systems 22” Total length, integrally suppressed
  • TWIST RATE: 1:9.3
  • METAL FINISH: Tungsten & Graphite Cerakote
  • DIMENSIONS: 42" long (33" folded)
  • OPTIC: Schmidt & Bender 1.5-8x26 PM II ShortDot
  • TURRET: Laser-etched yardage & MOA
  • RINGS: Gunwerks Unity with 20 MOA & integrated bubble level
  • MAGAZINE: 5 Round AICS Detachable Mag
  • TRIGGER: Trigger Tech set @ 2.5lbs
  • LENGTH OF PULL: 13.8”
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 8.5 lbs


Weighs Like a ClymR.

Hits like The HAMR!

- Mitch Libby