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Lead time on this rifle: Available only through the Gunwerks Dealer Network.

The RevX

The new RevX rifle was designed from the ground up with affordability and performance in mind, including entirely new custom action and stock designs. Each rifle is hand built and live fire tested to confirm precision and gather individual ballistic data. We've worked tirelessly to streamline and improve product design, supply chain, and component manufacturing to produce a more affordable rifle with quality and performance worthy of carrying the legendary Gunwerks name.

Every RevX long range rifle comes ready to rock 1,000 yards out of the box™. The RevX comes optic-ready; choose and mount your optic with the included bases and your favorite scope rings, then create a free custom turret label with the certificate and ballistic data card included with every RevX. What you end up with is a complete long range shooting system capable to 1,000 yards and beyond.
If you've waited for your chance to own a Gunwerks rifle, the unparalleled value and performance of the Gunwerks RevX is your answer!

MSRP: $3,995

Download the RevX E-Catalog

Caliber Options: 

6.5 Creedmoor   |   7mm Rem Mag   |   28 Nosler   |   300 Win Mag   |   300 RUM

22-250   |   6mm Creedmoor   |   6.5 PRC   |   30 Nosler

Color Options: 


Sand              Tungsten        Graphite Black

Stock Colors: 


Dark Grey      Forest             Tan Black        Orange

Available exclusively through the Gunwerks dealer network. Inquire at:


Or call us for help finding a dealer near you: (307) 296-7286

RevX GRB Action

  • Custom Gunwerks Design, Remington 700 footprint action
  • Precision CNC machined and trued
  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • Field Strippable Bolt
  • 1911 Style Extractor
  • One Piece, Solid Bolt & Handle
  • Tri-Lock Recoil Lug Locking Tabs 
  • NP3 Bolt Coating
  • 20 MOA Weaver Style 2-Piece Rail Included
  • Wyatt Length Action allows for longer loading lengths
  • Borden Bumps for solid lock-up and bolt alignment

RevX Stock

  • Next Generation Gunwerks Stock Geometry
  • Natural-Hold Vertical Grip
  • Negative Top Comb
  • Shallow Toe Line
  • Recessed Front Bipod Picatinny Rail
  • Pre-Fit Flush Cups For Comfortable Sling Carry
  • Aluminum Bedding Block
  • Ultra Lightweight Fiberglass Composite
  • Custom Hand Painted Camo

RevX Features

  • Ballistic Data Included With Certificate to Print Free Custom Turret Label
  • Shilen Hand Lapped Match Grade Barrel
  • TriggerTech Trigger
  • Billet Aluminum Floor Plate & Bottom Metal
  • Hand Painted Composite Stock
  • Custom Gunwerks Radial Muzzle Brake
  • Custom-Cut Case-Ready Foam
  • Satisfaction Guarantee for Fit, Function and Performance

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What Our Customers Think

(5 out of 5)

First impression

I recently shot this rifle at a gun show in Minnesota. This is one sweet rifle! Smooth, stock is so comfortable and is so nice to shoot it's incredible. Nothing but the BEST from Gunwerks! Great job guys!

- Chad

(5 out of 5)

The Last Hunting Rifle a Person Could Ever Need

The RevX lets shooters who don’t have the in-depth knowledge to piece together a shooting system make the jump into long range shooting. It could easily be the last hunting rifle or long-range rig a person could ever need.

- Scott Mayer, Whitetail Journal


RevX Rifle

Caliber: 22-250  |  6mm Creedmoor  |  6.5 Creedmoor  |  6.5 PRC  |  7mm Rem Mag  |  28 Nosler  |  300 Win Mag  |  30 Nosler  |  300 RUM  
Stock: Dark Gray | Forest | Tan Black | Orange Black
Cerakote: Sand (Tan) | Tungsten (Grey) | Graphite (Black)
Barrel Profile:

3G Sporter Standard  |  3G Sporter Fluted

6G Light Palma Standard  |  6G Light Palma Fluted

Weight: 7.7 lb (3G)  |  8.4 lb (6G) 
Length: 46.25 in
Barrel Length: 25.0 in
Brake: Standard (Radial)
Action: Stainless Steel
Length of Pull: 13.7 in



Material: Composite Fiberglass Shell | Epoxy Filler
Weight: 1.7 lbs (2.0 lbs with chassis)
Length: 31.3 in

Aluminum Bedding Block

Negative Comb

Custom Recoil Pad

Flush Cup Swivels

Recessed Pic Rail Bipod Mount

GRB RevX Action


17R Stainless Steel - 1.05 lbs


LA 8.95 in

SA 8.10 in


LA/SA 1.35 in



Magazine Length:

LA 3.83 in

SA 3.00 in

Magazine Capacity: 3 RUM, 4 Mag, 5 Std

Tri-Lock Recoil Lug

Custom 20 MOA Bases (included)

Side Bolt Release

Lowered Ejection Port

Extended Magazine Length


Bolt Material: 4140 Chrome Moly
Bolt Diameter:

LA/SA 0.700 in

Firing Pin Material: A2 Tool Steel
Spring Material: Chrome Vanadium
Finish: NP3 Electroless Nickel

Borden Bumps

20 Degree Extractor

Twin Cocking Cams

Bolt Stripping by Hand


Material: 416 Stainless Steel

7mm 3G 3.15 lbs  |  Fluted 3.00 lbs

Length: 25.0 in
Shank Diameter: 1.25 in
Muzzle Diameter: 3G 0.65 in
Muzzle Thread: 3G 1/2-28  |  6G 5/8-24
Finish: Cerakote

3G Sporter Standard  |  3G Sporter Fluted

6G Light Palma Standard  |  6G Light Palma Fluted


6mm    7.0 or 8.0 | 19.0 cm

6.5mm     7.5 or 8.0 in | 20.3 cm

7mm     8.0 in | 21.6 cm

30 cal     8.0 or 9.0 in | 25.4 cm

338 cal  10.0 in | 23.6 cm


5R Rifling

Hand Lapped

Fluting (Optional)


Weight: 1.5-4.0 lbs | 0.7-1.8 kg

External Weight Adjustment

Click per Ounce Adjustment

Rolling Friction Sear Engagement

Muzzle Brake

Material: 416 Stainless Steel
Length: Radial 1.18 in

3G Radial 0.65 in


3G Radial 0.041 lbs

Finish: Cerakote
Number of Ports: Radial 6
Port Direction:

Radial 0-360 Degrees

Recoil Reduction Radial 30%
Full Specs


Designed to work as one

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We pay attention to every detail

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Unmatched in the gun industry

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