CNC Process Technician II

Cody, United States

CNC Process Technician that operates as a part of the machining team at Gunwerks. This position exists in a fast paced and growing manufacturing environment that will provide many opportunities for exposure to the best manufacturing technology and processes in this market segment. The CNC process technician is expected to spend about 50% of their time setting up and running machines and about 50% of their time designing and programming fixtures, process improvements etc. Gunwerks is a growing long range rifle system manufacturer that is constantly pursuing how best to serve its customers with “1000 yards out of the box” turn key rifle systems. 

Job Responsibilities

  • Setup and Operate Multiple CNC machining Centers for Production 

    • Be able to setup Okuma and Haas machines for production

    • Design, create, and setup workholding solutions

    • Set work coordinates and tool offsets

    • Solid understanding of manufacturing drawings (GD&T)

    • Run production parts when needed

  • Create processes for CNC production machines

    • Design and implement fixtures for mass production of rifle components on 3, 4 and 5 axis mills

    • Create setup documentation for production processes

    • Work collaboratively with machining team to establish and maintain consistent tool and fixture organization in various work areas 

  • CNC programming capability 

    • Write CNC programs for the creation of tools, gauges, and fixtures

    • Provide programming support for continuous improvement of current machining operations

    • Program new parts for R&D purposes and production

Job Skills and Qualifications

  • Minimum 2 year machining degree (vocational or associates) 

  • 3-10 years experience with CNC operation, setup, and programming in a manufacturing environment

  • Ability to collaborate with machining team members (machinists and CNC programer)

  • Exposure to Okuma and Haas machines

  • Ability to take process from start to finish (concept to application of workholding and machine setup)

  • Self motivated


  • Full time employment of 40 hours per week, overtime when needed

  • Must be able to lift and maneuver up to 50 pounds

  • Attention to detail and the ability to self-inspect work