Whittington Center - Antelope

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Date & Time
Monday , August 23, 2021
Start - 12:00 AM
Thursday , August 26, 2021
End - 12:00 AM
NRA Whittington Center
PO Box 700
Raton, NM 87740
United States
--NRA Whittington Center--
Event Contact
Gunwerks, LLC

Experience Overview

Experience Overview

Two days of long range training at the NRA Whittington Center with the Gunwerks staff, paired with two days of 2 on 1 guided Antelope hunting nearby make for the ultimate opportunity to develop your long range skills and apply them all in one trip!


Experience the NRA Whittington center and all its amenities. Learn the basics of long range shooting with the focus on building your foundation. You’ll receive in-depth instruction on fundamentals of marksmanship and body mechanics to maximize the capability of any rifle system.

We discuss all the art and science of long range shooting, with the ultimate goal of preparing you for your hunt following the class. The longer days allow us to spend more time on the range conducting than in the classroom! Expect to come out of the class a more confident and capable hunter!